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Amazon’s affiliate program offers a great way to monetize your blog and other web content. Though the commissions start at 4% it quickly scales up as you sell more goods. I have a few online friends who make $10,000 a month and that is net not gross. You can read about them here; Paula and Wanda Amazonian Profit Plan.

My income from Amazon since implementing the techniques in their ebook has skyrocketed. Amazon is not my primary source of online income but thanks to the ebook it is a pretty hefty chunk of change for me each month.

There are a lot of great reasons to sell on Amazon.
Here is why you may want to consider becoming an Amazon affiliate;

1. People trust Amazon so they are more likely to buy.

2. Amazon offers consumers a great value. The prices are usually among the lowest you will find and shipping is often free.

3. Amazon offers excellent customer service. You don’t have the headache of dealing with returns and complaints.

4. Amazon is reputable. You don’t need to worry about your readers being hit with auto rebilling they were unaware of, or shoddy goods.

5. Amazon offers a 24 hour cookie. You get credit for whatever is ordered when someone clicks through your link for a full 24 hours. I have sold all kinds of items that I was never trying to sell this way from guitar picks to expensive electronics.

6. Amazon affiliate links are allowed on a number of content sites including Hubpages and Squidoo.

7. Amazon offers a huge range of products, so they probably have what you want to sell.

8. Amazon’s physical goods are often easier to sell than digital merchandise such as Clickbank products.

9. Amazon has an excellent sales portal. Once the consumer clicks through your link, Amazon does what they can to sell them, offer up related good etc.

10. Amazon pays affiliates on time!

Are you read to give it a try? Here are some tips to successful selling on Amazon;

1. Amazon Widgets – forget about them. They just do not covert well. Instead download the photo of the item and upload it to your site. Make it clickable. Include contextual links through out your website.

2. Products – find products with great reviews and at a good price point. To find these simply do a search on Google using this format:
5..50 customer reviews product type $50..300. This will pull up items that have at least 5 customer reviews with a starting price of $50.00

3. Commissions – the commission level starts at 4% but increases by the number of products you sell, not by the price. This means you will want to mix in some fast selling items that have a low price point in order to get to the higher commission level.

4. Reviews – honest reviews that really detail a product work well. Many consumers can spot a fake review miles away. Don’t just rehash the Amazon reviews, add your own thoughts. If you have not used the product (and it helps if you have) research it.

5. What to Sell – think of how you write/wrote for content sites. People are interested in both evergreen and hot sellers. Use the tools i.e. ebay Pulse, Google Buzz, Yahoo Trends to get feelers for what is hot right now.

6. The trust factor – people are more likely to buy when they trust you. Develop trust with your readers by offering value.

7. Related good – keep goods related to your site. If you have a beauty site, don’t try and TV’s.

8. Offer up bestsellers – share the bestsellers in the niche you are in with your readers. Build an email list and periodically send out information on what you are up to and include product suggestions. I recommend Aweber for listbuilding.

9. Drive Traffic – drive traffic to your content. If no one see you, you won’t make sales. Visit my for Free Backlinks.

10. The sweet spot – Amazon has a 24 hour cookie. Anything that someone buys after clicking through your link brings you a commission. So your goal is to get them to Amazon. Share all the benefits of products and let them know why the product will benefit them.

Want more information including step by step direction on writing reviews and picking products? I recommend Paula and Wanda’s Amazonian Profit Plan. Since reading their book and implementing their techniques my Amazon income has skyrocketed. You can read my review here; Amazonian Profit Plan

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