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Paula and Wanda are two Aussie chicks who make thousands every month from Amazon as Amazon affiliates (over $10.000 each and every month). They have a complete membership site, Affiliate Tools HQ, where they teach you to build a blog, add affiliate products and drive traffic and sales. My favorite part of the site is the eBook that is included with membership, “The Amazonian Profit Plan”. This eBook is an amazing tool to help you learn how to make affiliate income.

AFFILIATE TOOLS HQ BONUS OFFER – When you think about the hours you save and the money you can potentially make with the Affiliate Tools HQ membership, it is well worth the investment. Though Amazon is not my primary online income, since using the ideas from Wanda and Paula my Amazon sales have skyrocketed. If you are serious about being an Amazon affiliate this is site for you!

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When I first read about Wanda and Paula’s Amazon profits I was shocked. These two Amazon affiliates make about $10,000 a month net profit and have made as much as $15,000 a month from selling merchandise at Amazon. And they don’t ship orders, deal with customers or any of that. They simply put Amazon affiliate links on their web pages.

Wanda and Paula are Aussie chicks who like many marketeers floundered around trying to make money for some time before hitting on their successful Amazon marketing method. At one time they promoted a number of products from different affiliate sites. One day the decided to try Amazon and were stunned at how much better the conversion rates are.

It is easy to sell at Amazon because Amazon has great prices, great customer service, a wide variety of goods and people trust them.
But some affiliates are hesitant because the commission rate is low to start at Amazon. What people don’t realize is, it is easy to sell lots of things from Amazon and the more you sell the higher your commission. Amazon’s rates raise not by the price of goods you sell but by the number of goods you sell.

I personally have sold thousands of dollars of merchandise from Amazon and earn a very good affiliate income from them monthly. I learned a lot on how to do this from Wanda and Paula.

With the membership site Affiliate Tools HQ, Paula and Wanda walk you step by step so you know exactly what to do to build a successful Amazon business and more.

With your the Amazonian Profit Plan book you will find out how;

– How to pick the right products to sell at Amazon.

– How to write a product review that makes people click the BUY button.

– How to get traffic to your reviews.

– Where to put the links in your reviews…
and much more.

And the membership site will teach you;

– How to build a blog

– Social Media Training

– How to Guest Blog

– Powerful traffic driving methods and more!

By following the steps at the site you will know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

One thing I love about being an Amazon affiliate is I only have to do the work once. I can write up a review, include my affiliate links and make money for months to come.

And with Amazon you earn a commission on everything the customer who clicks through your link buys. So if someone clicks through your book link and buys a TV you get a commission on the TV. Plus the cookie is 24 hours. So if someone checks out the merchandise and leaves and returns to buy it within 24 hours you get a commission.

Use my link and join and my BONUS will automatically be sent to you. If you have questions email me at

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