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Face Painting for Fun and Profit!

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FacePainting for Profit

Face Painting is a low cost start up business that you can do for fun and profit. It’s easy to start up and can bring you income year round.

Start by selecting a few simple designs you can face paint on your customers. You can find clip art on the internet and print it off or draw your own. Remember the simpler the design, the faster you can paint it, the more customers you can paint, the more money you will make!

Some face painters do full face designs but that can take a lot of effort and time. And no one wants to pay a lot for face painting so keep things simple. Some designs to consider: stars, balloons, cherries, flags, smiley faces, rainbows etc. Paint one example of each design, laminate or put it in a plastic sleeve and stick it on board to show customers their options.

Purchase non-toxic acrylic paints, body glitter, body jewels, and brushes at a craft store or online. You will also need chairs, a table, and plenty of water. Be sure you select paints that are safe for face painting. You can get great prices on face paints and body jewels at Amazon; Face Painting Kit

Party Pack Face Painting Kit

Sign up to face paint at local craft shows, church picnics, school events fairs etc. Many of these charge a fee, so start small till you see what you can earn. In general, you can charge a few dollars for each design. If you do one design every five to ten minutes you can easily rack up some cash.

Set up your station. You may want to put up a balloon or streamers to attract attention. Have an Unbreakable Mirror on hand so your customers can enjoy your work. Keep wet wipes and paper towels on hand for any mistakes.

Kids will love having their face painted and you will love the happiness you give them and the extra money in your pocket!

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CafePress – Get Creative and Make Money!

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Cafe Press is a fun place where you can use your creativity and make money at the same time. It is free and fun.

At Cafe Press you can design your own gift items and sell them.   Here is how it works in simple steps.

1. Click here to sign up for an account with Cafe Press; CafePress

2. Make a design on your computer or think up a cool slogan.

3. At Cafe Press select the item you want to sell in the “Create and Buy” section.

4. Click “Create It” after deciding on the product.

5. Upload your image and adjust it using the Cafe Press tools.

6. Save your design in your Cafe Press shop.

7. Advertise your shop at your blog,  in forum posts etc.

8. Collect a percentage when you make a sale.

CafePress offers eight items including mugs, tees, totes, books, posters, bumper stickers, CD’s and more. When a customer orders an item, Cafe Press takes care of making the item and filling the order. You collect a profit on each sale that will vary depending on the item price.

There are many possibilities for Cafe Press you can design wedding items, sports goods, political merchandise and more.  You can even use it to design tshirts for day camp, a church group etc. Lot’s of options.

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Cupcake Profits

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Recently my daughter was telling me of a bakery near her that sold only cupcakes. She said the line was out the door and around the corner of people waiting to get theirs!  Of course you know I am always thinking of different ways for work at home money so I had to wonder, was there such a thing as cupcake profits?  I mean was there really a way of turning cupcakes into cash?

The thought of turning cupcakes into cash, took me back to high school where I was president of the drama club and in charge of fund raising. We decided to have a bake sale after school a few times a week. Well one day almost everyone forgot to bake. There was just a dozen or so cupcakes and a few tiny brownies. So I got this idea to just charge a lot for the cupcakes. I am embarrassed to tell you what we charged ( it was for a good cause). but every cupcake sold and for mega bucks.

So those cupcake profits came to mind when my daughter was talking about the big line snaking around the cupcake bakery. And I started investigating.  Let me ask you. How many searches do you think the word “cupcakes” gets every day? Well you may be stunned by the answer (see answer at bottom of post).   I was stunned.  And so that is how I realized how much people are into cupcakes! Cupcakes are the new wedding cake. They are perfect for children’s parties, holidays, reunions, deserts. There are lots of times to enjoy cupcakes.

To give you some idea of how much people love cupcakes, one company turned it into a mega business; the BIG TOP CUPCAKE. They sell kits to make HUGE cupcakes.

So how do you make big bucks selling cupcakes? Well aside from my bake sale table at school, I do not have hands on experience selling cupcakes but Lorraine Middleton does and she turned it into a book that includes everything you need to know for cupcake profits.

You can get a copy of Lorraine’s ebook here….Turning Cupcakes Into Cash

I do know that if I was doing it, I would make enormous cupcakes like the ones in the video. I think this would be an awesome way to have fun with the kids and make cupcake profits!

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Big Top Cupcake

How many searches for cupcakes daily – 1,500,000

Clean Up and Cash In with a Soap Making Business

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Have you ever wondered how to start a soap making business? The desire for all natural products and handmade goods has recently soared to an all time high. More and more, people are realizing that the beauty products found in the aisles of their local drugstore or supermarket may not be what they seem. With hidden chemicals and dangerous ingredients, these products are not as healthy for your body as companies try to say they are.

All of these factors explain why the sales of handcrafted, natural soaps are higher than ever. With pure ingredients and clean scents, consumers are drawn to these products and willing to pay extra for them. So why not cash in with a soap making business. It is a great way to provide people with a quality product, be creative and make some income.

First, you need to know how to make soap. You can easily find information on this online. There are many websites, books and even craft kits that outline how to create soap from start to finish at home, using inexpensive material.

The key to a successful soap making business is to contain costs but be creative. If you make plain, simple soap, there isn’t really a reason for anyone to purchase it since there are plenty of other soap makers out there in the marketplace. You should set your soap apart by making it appealing and different. If you love animals, you could use molds in the shapes of different animals to appeal to other animal lovers. Packaging your soap is another way you can set yourself apart. With beautiful bags, cute ribbons, or elegant boxes you can choose a method of packaging that looks appealing to the consumer and is different from your competition.

One of the key ways you will promote your product, and have costumers return to your soap making business time and time again to buy their soaps, is by marketing your company well. Even if you have the best soap on the market, if no one knows about it, you won’t be able to sell it.

Start by making sure you have an organized space in your home devoted to your soap making business. This will give you a clear, calm space in which to work, and keep you motivated. Next, make sure you are purchasing the weekly newspaper. Every week, research what craft fairs and events are coming to your town or city. This is one of the best places for you to get yourself in the public eye and sell your soap. Hundreds to thousands of people can show up to these events all during one day or weekend, so it is a fast way to market to many people at once.

You should also call or visit local craft stores and small gift shops and ask if they would be willing to carry your product. Of course, you should wait to do this until you have sales numbers that you can show to the owners to prove your product is selling well. But if you have a great looking product and offer free samples to the shop owner you will often find yourself ahead of the game.

Of course, telling your friends and family about the product can work wonders. When your friends tell their friends about the product, and give your soap as gifts, that will quickly spread the word the old fashioned way, by word of mouth. And, you should also consider setting up a website for your soap making business. This will promote your product to people across the globe, rather than just in your local area. The exposure you can get from this for your soap making business is invaluable.

You will also have to follow local licensing and regulations depending on how you sell your products so you will need to contact the appropriate government agencies to get more information on licensing regulations in your area for your soap making business.

For more information download instantly; The Super Soap Making Book – tips for making soap for fun and profit!

Recommended Reads; Soapmaking for Fun & Profit: Make Money Doing What You Love!

The Everything Soapmaking Book: Recipes and Techniques for Creating Colorful and Fragrant Soaps (Everything: Sports and Hobbies)

Earn at Home with Chocolate Bouquets

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Valentines, Easter, Christmas, Anniversaries…..there are so many occasions when a Chocolate Bouquet would make a perfect gift. You can have fun creating these and earn at home with Chocolate Bouquets.

You will need containers, floral foam, lollipop sticks or skewers, old newspaper or tissue paper, cellophane and chocolate. Purchase containers at yard sales and thrift stores. Look for old jewelry boxes, sand pails, vases, mugs and other items that will serve as the base for the chocolate bouquets. 

Buy chocolate in bulk at warehouse stores like Costco.  Floral foam, cellophane and skewers are readily available at craft supply stores. To earn at home with chocolate bouquets, buy items as inexpensively as possible. You can also find great prices on candy making supplies at Amazon. Click here for Candy Making Supplies

Fill the base of your container with old newspaper (shredded if possible) or tissue paper. Then add floral foam to fit. Add candy to the skewers. Icing and decorating tips can be used to add design and personalize candy in the basket. Stick the individual pieces of chocolate with skewers and wrap in cellophane. Assorted Colored Cellophane Bags (6 dz)Tie to close with a ribbon. Stick in the floral foam.  You can also use individually wrapped miniature candy bars.

If you want to make the bouquets really special, try making your own chocolate. You can buy candy molds inexpensively along with bulk chocolate. Molds come in a variety of shapes including chess pieces, sea shells, hearts and more. And the molds can be used over and over. Wilton makes a great selection of chocolate molds at affordable prices. In addition you can buy can sticks, decorating tips and more.

CK Products Sea Creatures Chocolate Mold

Advertise the bouquets at schools, craft shows, local businesses etc and take orders. Make each one individually as you get an order. Price your bouquets according to your costs. Charge for your time, labor and materials.

You can continue to earn at home with chocolate bouquets by keeping a customer list. Call customers throughout the year for future special occasion orders.

Click Here for a 260 Page Guide to Making Candy Bouquets

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Make Money with a Free Clip Art Website

Koala Clip Art
Koala Clip Art

Every day thousands of people use free clip art from the internet. You can make money with a free clip art website. You build the site (see my section on Build a Website). You make money with a free clip art website by adding Google adsense, afiliate links and/or paid advertisments to the site.

Begin by deciding on your market. You can build a general free clip art website and have a huge variety of images or you can focus on a small niche market. For example, you could target teens and make money with a free clip art website with images related to school, work, play etc. Or you could tarket businesses and have business related clip art images.

You can find free clip art images on the web (just don’t take them from other clip art sites). Or you can draw clip art yourself. You may want to hire an artist and share in the profits. To start a free clip art website you will want to have several hundred images.

Add your clip art images to the website you built and monetize it with adsense, links and advertisers. If your free clip art site is in a certain niche, contact advertisers who may be interested in reaching your target market. For example, if you are targeting college kids, you could contact a college text book reseller and see if they want to exchange links or advertise on your site. Offer them free clip art to use on their site if they credit your site.

Attract visitors to your site by posting on forums, blogs and at other sites. Encourage them to bookmark your site. Keep adding to your images so you build a great variety of free clip art. This will attract more visitors, which will increase the money you make with your free clip art website.

Gift Basket Home Business

Great book to read; How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, 5th (Home-Based Business Series)

If you are like me, you love receiving gift baskets. I can still recall the pleasure I felt when I received a baby basket many years ago for the birth of my first child. Nestled in the fruits and nuts was a tiny silver rattle and silver baby cup. Since then I have been lucky to receive many gift baskets and I love sending them.  This is not surprising. People love receiving and sending gift baskets, in fact,  the gift basket business rakes in billions of dollars yearly. And you can be part of that with a gift basket home business. Working from the comfort of your home, you can potentially rake in thousands every month.

Gift baskets are not only popular around the holidays but they are also very popular year round. There will always be someone having a baby, celebrating a birthday, getting engaged, hitting the big 50, relishing a promotion, retiring or enjoying another of life’s many milestones. And people love sending gift baskets. It saves them time, expresses their feelings and they know it is appreciated. With a gift basket business you will be right there to help with the celebration and earn income. This is a great opportunity to use your creativity and make money.

Amazon Image

Starting a home based gift basket business can be very inexpensive. Because you are working in your home, you save the cost you would have to invest in a brick and mortar store. You can find baskets at yard sales and fill them with goodies purchases from wholesale gift basket suppliers. Advertise through posting flyers at churches, schools and around the area. Visit local businesses and encourage them to use your service. Develop a presence on the internet to share your gift basket business. By offering quality baskets, your business will grow through word of mouth and repeat business. Keep in mind that everyone is a customer. Everyone loves gift baskets.

I recommend picking up a book that teaches you step by step what you need to do. A really good one is How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, 5th (Home-Based Business Series)

This book includes lots of special features and workbook pages including:

Customer Profile Form
Buying Chart for Supplies
Sample Purchase Order
Expense Analysis Spreadsheet
Sample Sales Invoice
Delivery Schedule Form

This is a great way to have fun and make money at the same time using your creativity!

Click here for How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, 5th (Home-Based Business Series)