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Make Bucks Selling Books on Amazon

Over the years I have made thousands of dollars selling books on Amazon. Becoming an Amazon bookseller is easy. Take any book you no longer want, look up the title on Amazon. Next to the title on the right hand side it will say, “More Buying Choices” and underneath that “Have One to Sell?” Once you have clicked “Have One to Sell”, fill in the fields for book condition, price and shipping. If you don’t have an account, Amazon will help you create one and if you do have an account, Amazon will guide you to add your bank account information so you can get paid. It’s easy and fun to sell books, you no longer need. And there is no overhead as you can do it from the comfort of your home. However, if you want to make bucks selling books on Amazon, and turn it into a full or parttime business, you need to know where to find books, how to select books that will sell and how to the price books you have for sale.

If you look at the many of the books on Amazon, you will see that sometimes used copies, do not sell for alot of money. Some books are even listed for one cent. People often ask me how a seller can make a profit off a one cent book. The answer is volume. “Penny Sellers” who sell books for a penny or just a few cents have a Pro-Merchant account and sell mass quantities of books. They make bucks selling books on Amazon in the shipping fees. They collect the shipping fee from Amazon which is a little more than what it costs to actually ship and they make a tiny profit off of each book. It is a tough business and only for those who can sell a ton of books.

It’s a lot easier to build a profitable Amazon book business selling fewer books that sell for more. So it’s key that you know what type of books to look for. Time and study will help you hone your instincts You will learn to know when you look at a certain book, if you can sell it for a profit. In addition to getting a general overall feel, I also recommend you develop a niche area to specialize in. I specialize in one niche area and over time have been able to locate many of the same titles and sell them over and over for hundreds of dollars because I know exactly what to look for. I have pre-ordered these books at used book sites such as and if they came available, at the price I list, I am automatically sent the book. Just this past week, I was sent a book, I had pre-ordered giving a top price of $30. The seller asked $12 for it and I will be able to resell it for close to $200.

In general when you purchase books for resale, look for quality non-fiction books. Avoid fiction, diet books, cookbooks and book of the month club books. Run from anything that has an odor to it, is soiled and damaged or a former library book. There are always exceptions, I sold a very unique book on magic for close to a hundred dollars that was a former library book. As a rule of thumb, you want to find something unique that someone is looking for. The latest fiction book has already been discounted in new condition by Amazon and there are probably dozens of copies flooding the market, so stay away from that.

Build your book business with a small inventory of books. When you start out and don’t know what you are looking at, keep the prices you pay low. There are tons of sources for books including friends who will give you their books, rummages sales, thrift stores, yard sales and when you know what you are looking for, you can buy and resell off the internet. I have also purchased brand new books at outlet stores and resold them for a hefty profit.

The next step is pricing your books. If you see that a ton of people have the same book listed on Amazon. Go with the lowest price you can and get rid of it. On the other hand, if there are few listings and a strong desire (look at the Amazon sales rank), you can put a heftier price tag on the book. If no one is buying, price your copy low so its the first one that sells.

Amazon Image

Packaging books is key to if you will make a profit or not. I use newspaper end rolls (free from my newspaper) to wrap my books for protection. I buy bubble mailers in bulk from eBay. This is crucial. A bubble mailer can cost $$$ at a regular retail store but be very cheap when purchased in bulk. If the buyer ordered expedited shipping, keep in mind that many books can easily slip into a flat rate priority mail envelope. This is usually much cheaper than sending it in a regular mailer, expedited shipping. And priority mail envelopes are free at The less your shipping costs, the greater your profits.

With each book you send, include a little thank you and your email for the customer to contact you about future books. If you have built a niche site, this is an excellent way to build your business and make bucks selling on Amazon. If a customer orders a book in a certain genre, and you have others in that genre, mention them in your email when you acknowledge their Amazon order. Recently a customer ordered a book on France for $30 and ended up ordering several more books after I mentioned some others I had on France.

You can make a tidy profit selling books on Amazon, get started by selling a few books you own, but no longer want, today!

For more ideas check out Steve Weber’s book,

The Home-Based Bookstore: Start Your Own Business Selling Used Books on Amazon, eBay or Your Own Web Site

Face Painting for Fun and Profit!

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FacePainting for Profit

Face Painting is a low cost start up business that you can do for fun and profit. It’s easy to start up and can bring you income year round.

Start by selecting a few simple designs you can face paint on your customers. You can find clip art on the internet and print it off or draw your own. Remember the simpler the design, the faster you can paint it, the more customers you can paint, the more money you will make!

Some face painters do full face designs but that can take a lot of effort and time. And no one wants to pay a lot for face painting so keep things simple. Some designs to consider: stars, balloons, cherries, flags, smiley faces, rainbows etc. Paint one example of each design, laminate or put it in a plastic sleeve and stick it on board to show customers their options.

Purchase non-toxic acrylic paints, body glitter, body jewels, and brushes at a craft store or online. You will also need chairs, a table, and plenty of water. Be sure you select paints that are safe for face painting. You can get great prices on face paints and body jewels at Amazon; Face Painting Kit

Party Pack Face Painting Kit

Sign up to face paint at local craft shows, church picnics, school events fairs etc. Many of these charge a fee, so start small till you see what you can earn. In general, you can charge a few dollars for each design. If you do one design every five to ten minutes you can easily rack up some cash.

Set up your station. You may want to put up a balloon or streamers to attract attention. Have an Unbreakable Mirror on hand so your customers can enjoy your work. Keep wet wipes and paper towels on hand for any mistakes.

Kids will love having their face painted and you will love the happiness you give them and the extra money in your pocket!

Interested in more information on face painting for fun and profit?
Check out Face Painting for Profit.

Start Your Own Online Beauty and Health Store!

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****I am really excited about this business opportunity. Yes you have to work to promote it. But look at the potential!

Can you imagine having your own health and beauty store stocked with high quality products?

Market Health is one of the world’s largest online health and beauty marketing companies. Started in 1998, Market Health carries top of the line products.  They have over 100 offers including health care, colon care, weight loss, skin care, men’s health care, women’s health care and more! They fill the orders. All you have to do is promote the products.

Please note this is not just vitamins. These products include cutting edge products that people are looking for. Colon cleanse, Resveratrol, Wrinkle Treatments, Fat Burners, Men’s Sexual Health, Teeth Whiteners and much more…

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Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on the internet. With affiliate marketing you are paid by an advertiser when a customer performs a certain action such as clicking an ad, purchasing a product or filling out a form.

There are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing and there are many different affiliate companies. Because this is such a great way to make part or full time income, My Lil Gold Dress has a special section devoted to affiliate marketing.

Click here to go to the main page on Affiliate Marketing.

Be sure to check out my review of the $10K a month Amazon earners ebook. They teach you step by step how to make money on Amazon. Click here to read my review of the Amazonian Profit Plan.


About Affiliate Marketing

SPECIAL! Step by Step blueprint on how to make money with Amazon, written by two $10K a month bloggers. Read about it in my article AMAZONIAN PROFIT PLAN

Affiliate marketing is a method of generating income by placing ads in your blogs, newsletters, and other marketing material for products and services. Advertisers pay you based on customer sales, leads or clicks.

You register to be an affiliate either with an individual company or an affiliate site. Then you put banners, widgets, text links and other product information on your website, blog, newsletter etc. There are a number of different compensation structures. Payouts will differ according to the advertiser and the type of affiliate program you are workng with. Below are some typical methods of compensation.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – You are paid based on the number of clicks that result from your ad placement.

Pay Per Sale (PPC) – You are paid based on the number of sales that result from your ad placement.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – You are paid based on the number of leads that result from your ad placement.

There are many affiliate sites. After you have completed an application, you will have to be approved. Some sites approve automatically. Others will look at your website and make a decision. Once you have been approved you may find that the affiliate site carries hundreds of products and you may have to submit an individual application to carry certain product lines.

Make Money on Ebay

I remember my first sale at eBay. It was little, worn red book with library markings. I had no photo, just my words to describe it. I was in shock when the bidding ended close to $100. Of course the book was an old, rare text on magic. It was great to pass it on to someone who would cherish it, make money and get it out of the house!

I was hooked after that and grabbed everything I could and sold it on ebay, short of my kids and hubby. eBay can be an exciting place to do business! The first step is to sign up for a seller account at the eBay website . You will need a PayPal account to accept payments also. Then follow these steps:

1. Begin by listing items that you have around your home. This is the cheapest way to get started at eBay. Always research your item so you know what you have. I once listed a mug on eBay and started the auction at $4.99.  I didn’t research it. Happily I had a good description and title and it sold for close to $150.

2. Prior to listing an item, look on eBay at completed sales to see what the item has gone for in the past. If it isn’t selling, don’t waste time listing yours.

3. If the items is selling, but there are lots of them, consider adding a little extra to make the sale more valuable to the buyer.  A sleeve of golf balls with a golf club auction etc.

4. List the item but keep in mind, that you will have both Paypal and eBay fees. You want to make sure you will be covering your expenses PLUS making money.

5. If you decide to use “Buy It Now”, think of a price that will make someone SNAP and just grab it. 

6.  When you list your item, count ahead to see when it will end. Think of the ending time of your eBay auction. If it is an item for a teen, aferschool hours are great. Evenings on Sunday are a peak time to sell goods.

7. Always factor in shipping fees and how you will ship your items. Buy mailers in bulk (eBay is  a good source). Pick up free boxes at the grocery store etc. The less you pay on postage, the more you make.

8. Ship items promptly and package carefully.

After you have a few auctions under your belt, you may want to consider going to thrift stores, tag sales and other places to purchase more for resale. You can even branch out into selling items on eBay for other people for a percentage of the profits!

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CafePress – Get Creative and Make Money!

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Cafe Press is a fun place where you can use your creativity and make money at the same time. It is free and fun.

At Cafe Press you can design your own gift items and sell them.   Here is how it works in simple steps.

1. Click here to sign up for an account with Cafe Press; CafePress

2. Make a design on your computer or think up a cool slogan.

3. At Cafe Press select the item you want to sell in the “Create and Buy” section.

4. Click “Create It” after deciding on the product.

5. Upload your image and adjust it using the Cafe Press tools.

6. Save your design in your Cafe Press shop.

7. Advertise your shop at your blog,  in forum posts etc.

8. Collect a percentage when you make a sale.

CafePress offers eight items including mugs, tees, totes, books, posters, bumper stickers, CD’s and more. When a customer orders an item, Cafe Press takes care of making the item and filling the order. You collect a profit on each sale that will vary depending on the item price.

There are many possibilities for Cafe Press you can design wedding items, sports goods, political merchandise and more.  You can even use it to design tshirts for day camp, a church group etc. Lot’s of options.

Sign up now for an account with Cafe Press; Join CafePress

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