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Get a Work at Home Job as a Virtual Assistant

As more and more companies outsource, there are more opportunities in a wide range of fields for Virtual Assistants (VA). Virtual Assistants may make phone calls, answer emails, make travel arrangements, prepare reports, enter data…..any number of tasks. As a work at home VA, you complete the tasks from your the comfort of your home and […]


Get a Call Center Job (the Facts)

Work at home call center jobs are very competitive.  One company states they had over one hundred and fifty thousand applicants in 2008 and  hired less than 10 percent of the applicants. But there are many different companies. Apply to as many as you can to increase your chances. Here are some things you should know […]


Get a Work at Home Call Center Job (the Application)

The application process for a work at home call center job can be intense and includes several parts. It usually includes personality testing, assessment testing, an intial phone screening, a telephone interview and a background/credit check. In many cases fingerprinting and drug testing is also required. Though each company is different. Here is the application […]

List of Work at Home Transcription Companies

Updated 8/28/2012 (If you find a bad link please let me know). These companies hire work at home transcriptionists.  Check each site to see the requirements. Keep in mind that some may requires specialized legal or medical transcription skills. >>>>>Click here for free Medical Transcription Information Amphion Medical e-Typist Mulberry Studio Neal R. Gross and […]

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Get a Work at Home Job as a Transcriptionist

Click here if you are interested in Medical Transcription or Billing and Coding A transcriptionist listens to dictation and types each word. This requires attention to detail, fast, accurate typing speeds, special equipment and often specialized training. There is a high demand for legal, medical and general transcriptionists and a number of opportunities to get […]

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Work at Home Call Center Jobs (Overview)

With the economy tanking, more and more businesses are outsourcing and hiring work at home call center employees either independenly or through a company that provides employees who work from home. Some of these companies include: West At Home Working Sol Alpine Access Live Ops Click to See a LIST of WORK AT HOME CALL CENTER JOBS […]

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Work at Home as an Online Tutor

There are a number of companies that hire Online Tutors. Some of these are,,, and You will be required to have a computer and quiet environment. Some will supply you with a headset and others require that you purchase your own. Tutoring companies usually require a college education. Some require […]


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