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How to Get a Free Website and Free Website Design

Developing a niche website is a great way to make income online via products you create and/or affiliate marketing.

I want to make it very clear that if you are at all serious about developling a website online you should get a website that you control. This means you should pay for hosting and a domain name.

I recommend Namecheap for domain names and Hostgator for hosting. But there are other good ones out there also.  A domain name runs about $12 a year and a hosting plan $10 or so per month for unlimited websites.  (Tip: Do not get your hosting at the same place as you buy your domain names.)

Using free platforms puts you at risk. Your site can be removed at any time. You are driving traffic to a site you don’t own. That said, some of you may want to play with a free website and free website design before you go the paid route.

So here is a step by step plan for you to get a free website and free website design.

Step 1

Go to On the main page fill in the domain site name you want and a password. offers an easy way to get a free website and free web design.

Step 2 

Click create a website.  A new screen will open up asking for more information; your email address, date of birth, country and gender. Your user name will be the same as your site address and will be prepopulated with the domain site name you chose in Step 1.

Step 3

Scroll down the screen and select a template. If you prefer to use advanced HTML you can upload your own. If you use, you have 300 templates to choose from. Templates range from a patriotic theme to floral backgrounds to modern designs. You can change your template at anytime. Most templates come in several color choices.

Step 4

Check “I agree to the terms of service” and click create my sites. A screen will pop up offering you different levels of service. Choose Basic (Free).

Step 5

Next a screen will pop up that asks if you want help building your site. Click Yes. will then recommend pages for your site. It will walk you through the steps to develop each page. Pages make include a blog, photo gallery, shop etc.

Step 6

Spend time experimenting with the different easy to use site builder options that offers. You can delete pages, add pages, include links, add photos and video etc. There are lots of options for your free website and free website design.

Step 7

The is supported by ads so your website will have ads on it. You can however, upgrade (at a cost) to a no ad website. However, if you plan to do that you should switch to a hosting company where you can host unlimited blogs for the same price.

You can also register your domain name if it is available through but I would recommend registering it through a less expensive registrar such as Namecheap.

Enjoy playing with a free account but if you find you are enjoying the site and plan to develop it fully, you will want to migrate to a paid platform that you control. You can then use your free website as a backlink to help drive traffic to your paid site.

I would highly suggest considering a paid website which will run you about $10 or so a month. I recommend Hostgator. Use coupon code HostgatorPennySale and get your first month for one cent.
Click Here for Hostgator.

Hostgator Hosting for One Cent!


Use code HostgatorPennySale

There is good and there is fantastic. That is the difference to me with my old hosting company and my new one, Hostgator.

Last year I sold a couple of my websites and needed help to transfer them. I called my hosting company at the time and was giving vague directions. I had heard Hostgator was very good about helping so I called them. They were amazing at giving advice. Over the course of the year, I found myself more on the phone with Hostgator than with my own hosting company.

Hostgator goes the extra mile. Every single time I have called them, they have taken time to provide me with the help and direction I need to go forward with my business. Not just general directions, they have walked me through, step by step, to help me with my sites. When it was time to renew, I switched to Hostgator.

I opened a reseller’s account at Hostgator. Now I am able to easily sell and host sites. I purchased the Aluminum plan. This comes with client management, billing software, site building tools, templates and much more. For 24.95 a month, I get 50GB of space and 500GB bandwidth. What I like is that each site has it’s own individual cpanel so I can easily sell sites, giving the buyer the log in information and letting them take care of the transfer.

For most people, the basic Hostgator plan is more than sufficient. A single domain starts at only $4.95. You can host unlimited domains for $7.95. I recommend you get the Baby Plan so you can add unlimited websites. It is only a couple dollars more a month. Installation of WordPress, forums and other programs are done with a click of a button. They will also transfer your domain at no charge during the first 30 days. They will transfer up to 30 domains for a reseller’s account.

If you need Hosting and want top notch quality and service at an affordable price, Hostgator is excellent!

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Build Your Website

Build Your Website – Niche Blogging

A website is a great way to share your knowledge and make extra income. You can blog about a topic and make extra income with affiliate marketing and companies that pay you per click such as Google Adsense. Though you can get free hosting at sites such as freewebs and by using free blogging sites, you are better off building your own site which you have control over.

Here is how to get started:

1. Decide what you want to write about. What is your passion? Do a little research on the net and see if others are also interested in the topic. You want to pick a profitable topic. Keep the topic broad enough so you have plenty to write about, but not so broad that it lacks a focus.

In addition to your niche topic you can write a general blog or you may want to write a specific type of blog. For example if you are writing about blog, you could write a general blog or you can narrow your focus to writing reviews on the different cameras on the market. Here are some eBooks to give you ideas:

Start a Review Blog for Fun and Profit

Start a Craft Blog for Fun and Profit

Start a Recipe Blog for Fun and Profit

2.  Once you have decided on your niche,  it is time to pick a domain name for your website. Here are some tips when selecting a domain name.
~ Make it short.
~ Make it easy to spell and remember.
~ Make it about what you are writing about.
~ Make it a .com if possible.
One of the hardest parts about picking a name is so many are already taken! Find out by going to GoDaddy or another site and checking if the name you want is available.  If the name you selected is already in use, GoDaddy will make other suggestions. GoDaddy offers excellent pricing on Domain Names and Hosting. I have close to 30 names registered with GoDaddy. I have called them several times and their customer service is excellent.

NOTE: I switched to NAMECHEAP .    GoDaddy renewals were much more expensive.

3. Sign up for hosting with BlueHost or Hostgator. You can host websites with BlueHost and Hostgator for one low price and they offer auto-installation of WordPress also. Whatever, hosting company you use, make sure they have automatic installation of WordPress. Both of these companies offer great service. I have found Hostgator to offer excellent one on one walk throughs to newbies. And I use them myself. Use code MyLilGoldDressHGdiscount and click thru my link to get a discount. Contact me and I will put a WP blog on your new site.

4. In the manage domains section at GoDaddy or Namecheap, point your webhost servers to the BlueHost or Hostgator servers. This is simple to do, but if you have trouble contact either GoDaddy, Namecheap, BlueHost, or Hostgator to walk you through the steps. If you purchase through my link, contact me and I will do it for you.

5. At your hosting site install WordPress through your Cpanel.  Ask your provider to walk you through this step. It will be slightly different at Hostgator than at BlueHost.

7. WordPress offers two default themes. You can also go to the WordPress site and select a different theme. There are many very nice free WordPress themes on the market. However, it is very easy to get a virus while searching for them. And many themes include spyware. If you opt to change your theme, you are best using a new theme from a reputable site.

TIP: One way to find a great WP theme is to type in the style or color of WP theme you want at Google and then look through Google images. You will instantly see many WP themes and it is easier than scrolling though dozens of images.

There are some beautiful Premium WordPress themes on the market also. I highly recommend Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme. I have this for another site I am working on. Brian gives excellent support and his themes are beautiful.

Revolution WordPress Themes!

Here are two more sites offering WordPress Themes to check out.

Omni WordPress Themes

Easy Trend WordPress Themes

Once your website is up, you are ready to start wth writing and adding affiliate ads to your site.