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Get a Call Center Job (the Facts)

Work at home call center jobs are very competitive.  One company states they had over one hundred and fifty thousand applicants in 2008 and  hired less than 10 percent of the applicants. But there are many different companies. Apply to as many as you can to increase your chances. Here are some things you should know […]


Get a Work at Home Call Center Job (the Application)

The application process for a work at home call center job can be intense and includes several parts. It usually includes personality testing, assessment testing, an intial phone screening, a telephone interview and a background/credit check. In many cases fingerprinting and drug testing is also required. Though each company is different. Here is the application […]

Work at Home Call Center Jobs (Overview)

With the economy tanking, more and more businesses are outsourcing and hiring work at home call center employees either independenly or through a company that provides employees who work from home. Some of these companies include: West At Home Working Sol Alpine Access Live Ops Click to See a LIST of WORK AT HOME CALL CENTER JOBS […]

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Get a Work at Home Call Center Job (the Interview)

Though each company is different a  live interview for one of the major call center employers lasts about an hour. During this time you will be asked questions like these: ~ What do you know about the company? ~ Why would you like to work with the company? ~ Why would you make a great customer service representative? ~ How would you […]

Work at Home Call Center Job List

Here is a Work at Home Call Center List of many companies that hire customer service representatives. Keep in mind some companies pay by the minute you are on the phone and others pay an hourly wage. Some do require you pay for a background and/or credit and fingerprint check. Apply to as many of […]


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