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Make Money with US Free Ads


US Free Ads is a site where you can buy and sell merchandise, but it is also a great way for a work at home mom to earn extra income and possibly a lot of income.

US Free Ads offers 3 types. Free, Gold and Platinum. You will need to have a gold account at the very least which is $10 per year. A platinum account is $10 a month but allows you to use links easier, include more photos and place unlimited ads which is they way to make money with US Free Ads.

Sign up for an account with Use US FREE ADS

Go to clickbank or another affiliate company and sign up for a free account. Pick a product to sell that is selling well and create a link to the product.

Next come up with key phrases that describe the product. Go to google and put the key phrase in the search box in quotes. This shows you how many others are competing for this same key phrase. Only pick a key phrase that has under 5,000 in competition for US Free Ads. Higher searched terms are unlikely to get indexed at Google with US Free Ads and you will not make money with US Free Ads.

Place your ads on the US Free Ads site. Include your key phrase in the title and throughout the body of the ad. Include your link at the bottom. Be consistent and place ads often.

Keep in mind that you do not make money with US Free Ads from people finding the ad itself. You make money if Google indexes your US Free Ads ad high in the ranks. People will see the key phrase, click on your US Free Ads ad and then hopefully click the link and purchase the product. So it is important that you use a key phrase with under 5,000 searches.

Use US FREE ADS to buy, sell or advertise anything and make money!