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Make Money on Ebay

I remember my first sale at eBay. It was little, worn red book with library markings. I had no photo, just my words to describe it. I was in shock when the bidding ended close to $100. Of course the book was an old, rare text on magic. It was great to pass it on to someone who would cherish it, make money and get it out of the house!

I was hooked after that and grabbed everything I could and sold it on ebay, short of my kids and hubby. eBay can be an exciting place to do business! The first step is to sign up for a seller account at the eBay website . You will need a PayPal account to accept payments also. Then follow these steps:

1. Begin by listing items that you have around your home. This is the cheapest way to get started at eBay. Always research your item so you know what you have. I once listed a mug on eBay and started the auction at $4.99.  I didn’t research it. Happily I had a good description and title and it sold for close to $150.

2. Prior to listing an item, look on eBay at completed sales to see what the item has gone for in the past. If it isn’t selling, don’t waste time listing yours.

3. If the items is selling, but there are lots of them, consider adding a little extra to make the sale more valuable to the buyer.  A sleeve of golf balls with a golf club auction etc.

4. List the item but keep in mind, that you will have both Paypal and eBay fees. You want to make sure you will be covering your expenses PLUS making money.

5. If you decide to use “Buy It Now”, think of a price that will make someone SNAP and just grab it. 

6.  When you list your item, count ahead to see when it will end. Think of the ending time of your eBay auction. If it is an item for a teen, aferschool hours are great. Evenings on Sunday are a peak time to sell goods.

7. Always factor in shipping fees and how you will ship your items. Buy mailers in bulk (eBay is  a good source). Pick up free boxes at the grocery store etc. The less you pay on postage, the more you make.

8. Ship items promptly and package carefully.

After you have a few auctions under your belt, you may want to consider going to thrift stores, tag sales and other places to purchase more for resale. You can even branch out into selling items on eBay for other people for a percentage of the profits!

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