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How to Make Money with Fiverr


Do you have a special talent or skill. Can you write a poem, keep a secret, add someone on Facebook, share your favorite recipe or tweet a note to all your friends? If you can do any of these things you can make money with Fiverr.

Fiverr is a neat little site that allows you to list your services for others to buy. You earn a flat rate of $5 for each service you sell less Fiverr’s transaction fees.

Recently, Fiverr members were offering to review a website, send a postcard from China, make comments on your blog and much more.

It is easy to make money with Fiverr. Sign up for an account. Be sure to give yourself a name that is appropriate to the type of skills you will be selling.  Then simply add different “gigs” that you are willing to do for 5 bucks.

Though five dollars may not sound like much,  you will make money with fiverr by being consistent. One fiverr gig a day works out to an extra $150 in your pocket every month. Two a day gives you $300. Less transaction fees of course.

Let’s say you offer to send tips on saving money on taxes. If you write up a short report and email it out every time someone pays $5 for the information, it will take you just a few minutes each time and your fiverr gig could pay out very nicely over the long term.

You can also do skills that will require more time such as evaluating someone’s music, designing things etc. The choice is yours.

Fiverr pays out when you have $40 in earnings. Learn exactly what you need to do to set up gigs, promote them and make money with Fiverr……

Got a service or product you feel is worth more than $5. Fiverr is not the only game in town. The popularity of the site has resulted in many more sites like Fiverr where you can sell your goods and services. And many of these allow different prices.

Gigswood allows $4, $9 and $19 gigs and they claim same day pay. Fittytown gigs are priced at $50. Gighour says it takes no fees (except for Paypals cut and allows $3, $5, $7 and $10 gigs.
Here are some sites like Fiverr to consider;

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