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Make Money as a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping.  It sounds exciting, almost James Bondish. You go to a store, secretly check everything out, send in a report and get paid.  Or you go to a restaurant, and enjoy free food. And all you had to do is share if you like it or not.

The truth is, there is a lot more involved in Mystery Shopping than a simple…mmmhmmm it was good or yes the store was clean.  Yes there are free meals, clothes and other goodies for Mystery Shoppers but it involves  paying close attention and reporting objectively on alot of nitty, gritty details.  If you complete  a Mystery Shop meal at a fast food restaurant you may be asked to;  time your server, report on the temperature of the food, the speed at which you got your check and the cleanliness of the establishment among other things.

There are a wide variety of mystery shopping companies and they specialize in different types of shops from restaurants to retail stores. Although there are some very upscale shops available, they are few and far between and involve tremendous work. A typical  Mystery shop would involve buying and returning something from a retail store and noting  store and transaction details.  Another typical Mystery shop might  involve evaluating a fast food chain. Was your food hot? How long did it take for service?  What was your servers name? Did the server ask you if you wanted the super size?  Were the floors clean? etc.

Pay for Mystery Shopping varies. Though some companies do pay a fee to the shopper. Others consider the food you ate or merchandise you received your payment. Keep in mind if you go over budget you are responsible for the difference in price. And if you dine out, or purchase something you usually have to pay up front and submit receipts to be reimbursed.

If you have a great attention to detail, good memory and enjoy trying products and services then you may want to give Mystery Shopping  a shot. One site to try

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