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Work at Home as an Online Tutor

There are a number of companies that hire Online Tutors. Some of these are,,, and You will be required to have a computer and quiet environment. Some will supply you with a headset and others require that you purchase your own.

Tutoring companies usually require a college education. Some require a teaching certificate, but will often accept a teaching certificate if it expired but not if it was revoked.

Each company operates differently. Some hire employees and pay an hourly wage, usually around $10.00 to start. Others have you work as an independent contractor and you have to collect fees from your students yourself.

A number of companies have tests you will have to pass in order to qualify and be hired. For example, you may have to pass a math test Many have role playing telephone interviews, where you will be aske what you would do in certain situations.

Tutoring online can be a rewarding, experience. Check into each comany and see which one feels right for you.