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Purse Party Profits

A purse party is a fun way to socialize, make money and enjoy the latest in fashion accessories.  Purses sold a purse parties are quality, designer brands. Like a Tupperware party,  purse parties are hosted in homes.  Purse party hosts generally receive discounts on merchandise. The sales person (who may also be the host) generally earns 10-20% of sales.

And purse party profits add up. Statistics show that the average woman in her 30’s purchases a new handbag four times a year. With the average price of a quality bag running several hundred dollars that adds up to a very hefty commission for the person selling those bags.

Let’s say you held a 2 hour purse party and invited 10 friends and 4 purchased a purse at an average cost of $150. If you earn 10% commission that would add up to $60 purse party profits. If you deduct $10 for the cost of a cake, cookies and punch that would leave you with $50 or a nice, tidy profit of $25 an hour.  Pretty Sweet.   And many times you will earn a 20% commission and enjoy many more sales!

One of the nice things about a purse party is you can set your own hours, enjoy the company of your friends and earn work at home money at the same time.

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