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Make Money with Photos Online!

One of the things I love about working online is how I can do something and keep getting paid for it months later.  For example, I write for an online content site where I am paid by ad clicks.  Though I have been focusing on my websites lately and haven’t written for the site in a while, I still earn several hundred a month of residual income from the articles I wrote months ago! Read about that here.

Another sweet way to earn residual income is to make money with photos online!  Recently, I have been working on a new website and I need beautiful photos. I purchase “credits” and download the photos as I need them from photo sites.  As I downloaded them I noticed that many of the photos, had been downloaded over and over. One of them 1000 times! Each time the photo is downloaded the photographer earns $. The amount the photographer earns varies by site but 50% is normal. If the photo downloaded was 4 credits and each credit was $1, the photographer would earn $2,000! If the photographer had 100 photos on the site, which would be easy to do, earnings could be substantial!

And it is not that hard to take some great photos that earn money. You may even have photos you already took that could be earning you money. One idea is to study the photos that are on the site and see which ones have been downloaded the most.  Think about who pays for photos;  a lot of time it’s businesses.  What do they need photos of? Well as I browsed the photo sites I saw pictures of attractive models doing things like eating healthy foods, exercising, attending a meeting etc.  Companies need photos like this to illustrate their products and what they do.

There are a number of stock photo sites where you can sell photos and I will share a partial list in my next post.  To get a great start pick up this free report on how to sell your photos to photo sites, which pics are hot sellers, tips for the best photos and more. 
“How To Make Money With Digital Photography”.