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Earn Cash at Survey Sites

There are a number of survey sites online that will pay you to share your thoughts and opinions. Many of these offer opportunities to complete offers for cash and prizes. Though most work at home money sites will suggest you sign up for a large number of these sites in order to make the most money, I find it is better to focus on just a few sites. You will stay organized and make payout earlier. Once you are earning well at a few sites, then expand to include more if you want to.

Survey sites can require a lot of time and effort. Yes, one woman has made thousands at CashCrate but she worked it like a job. And even then it is still difficult to make a lot with survey sites. I would recommend viewing them only as sites to make some pocket change at.

The one site I have found amazingly easy is Swagbucks. It has search and win, surveys etc. I go on once or so a week when I think of it and earn some points. Point are easy to get and I have enjoyed some delicious dinners out thanks to gift cards I ordered through Swagbucks.

If you sign up for a lot of sites you may want to use a different email address than your regular one as you may receive a lot of mail. Check that address often (including the spam pile) so you do not miss deadlines for surveys.

All sites are FREE to join.   Here are some well known sites:

Swagbucks MY FAVORITE!



Swagbucks is my favorite of the sites. It has search and win and surveys.

CashCrate offers opportunities to try new products and take surveys. I know of one woman who made thousands of dollars at CashCrate but that was some years ago and she worked it like a job. Just be sure if you sign up for offers to cancel them if you don’t want them.

Surveys are a fun way to make a few dollars online.  But if you fill out offers etc. be careful what you are signing up for.

As I mentioned, my favorite of the sites is SWAGBUCKS.  You can see below  how many points I have now. I have cashed in my points several times so this does not show all the points I have earned. This is an easy to use, easy to earn site.

Earn Money with Shopping Sites

If you are not using a shopping site when you shop online, you are leaving money on the table. Not only can you save money on purchases with shopping sites but you can also earn money with shopping sites. There are a number of free shopping sites  that will pay you to join. They will pay you to refer your friends and they will pay your friends when they sign up! Plus they give you and your friends a discount at hundreds of stores when you shop. Some sites will give pay you a percentage of your friends rebate purchase price at no cost to them.

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Amazon Image

I recommend focusing on just a few. This way you can easily find the bargains for the week and build your cash back.

Here are my two favorites:


eBates pays $5.00 when you sign up and pays $5.00 cash or $10.00 gift card to the friends you refer.

ibotta I was surprised at how fast the money adds up for grocery items. Plus they offer regular bonuses. So you may get .25 cents for uploading a receipt or buying bananas, $1.00 for crackers etc. The first week I bought some grocery items along with wine plus I got the bonus offer and I was paid $18. Most weeks maybe just a few dollars but it adds up.

Each site has text links to send to your friends in emails so you can earn money with shopping sites. Some have banners and other widgets you can add to your blog or website. Referring friends is an easy way to earn money with shopping sites. And the bonus is you also get a discount at hundreds of stores like Victoria’s Secret, Best Buy, Target, eBay, etc. at at grocery stores depending on the shopping site.

CloudCrowd – Work Today Get Paid Tomorrow

CloudCrowd is a relatively new site that pays members to do small tasks.  Similar to working as a Amazon Mechanical Turk at Cloud Crowd you will earn a few cents to a few dollars per task.

The type of work at Cloud Crowd varies but according to their FAQ

“Typical projects include image and video tagging, finding information online, and quick writing and editing projects. Work ranges in difficulty, and longer tasks typically pay more. With the variety of work offered, we’re sure you’ll find tasks you enjoy.”

Some of the jobs require that you pass a qualifications test. So you may have to edit a paragraph or do another job in order to get the qualifications to complete certain types of tasks.

One nice perk of working for CloudCrowd is being able to decide how long and when you want to work.  But the major perk is next day payment. For all jobs approved by 5pm PST payment is made the next business day.

The drawbacks are they do not appear to have a lot of work and payment is low. When I looked at the CloudCrowd  list I saw a few translation jobs, editing jobs and evaluating profiles on a social site but that was it. I would expect the job list will expand as the company grows.  Payment is low but if you need to make some extra cash it is a quick source.

So far CloudCrowd claims to have paid out for over 400,00 tasks and 18,000 people have signed up to be CloudCroud workers.

To join CloudCrowd you need two things a Paypal account and a Facebook account.  Why they have chosen to conduct their business via Facebook I am not sure but it is easy to sign up there and see the daily jobs. You can also sign up for alerts to be notified of new jobs.

Click Here to Sign Up for CloudCrowd

Sell Used Electronics Online – Make Easy Cash

You can sell used electronics online and make easy cash. A number of online companies will pay you for your old laptops, cell phones, DVD’s, gaming consoles, PDA’s, cameras and other gadgets.

Selling the items is simple. Start by gathering up all the electronic gadgets you have that are no longer being used. Include all instruction manuals, installation CD’s, cords and other accessories you have for the gadgets. Though you don’t always have to have the accessories it will usually increase the value when you sell used electronics online.

Select a company that buys used electronics online. I recenty used Gazelle At the website type in the name of the gadgets you have in the “Find Your Item” box at the top of the page. Once you have located the item, answer the questions to get your price offer. For example if you have a DVD you will need to check off if it is functional and includes the original case. If you have a laptop you will need to indicate the specs such as operating system and amount of ram.

Once you have entered the details click on the calculate button to sell your used electronics online. Gazelle will make you an offer. In some cases if the item is dated or not wanted Gazelle will not offer cash but will offer to recycle the item.

In addition to cash, Gazelle will provide a shipping label so you can ship the items to them for free.

In some cases you may find you can sell used electronics online and make more money by listing at Amazon or ebay. You will have to decide if the listing, shipping, and other fees Amazon and ebay charge are a better deal or not.

Keep in mind that electronics date quickly. The faster you sell your used electronics online the more money you are likely to make and if you wait to long they will probably not be worth anything.

I decided it was an easy way to sell gadgets I wasn’t using and recently got a price on an old laptop and cell phone. I will update the post once the transaction goes through. This is a great way to sell used electronics online, make easy cash with something you are not using and recycle.

Check out Gazelle.

Make Money with Kooday

UPDATE: Kooday still has not launched the search engine the site is based on. I tried Kooday out but decided not to continue working with it. I just do not see a solid, long lasting income opportunity at Kooday.

Honestly, I am not sure what to think about Kooday, but since a lot of people are claiming they are making fast and easy money with it, I decided I better check it out for, the work at home money site.

Kooday is launching a search engine but a very different kind of search engine.  With Kooday you can buy your own keywords. People can buy them from you or they can pay to link to the word and advertise their site.  Many Kooday members are making bank buying and selling keywords to other members.

To start with Kooday, you need to purchase Kooday dolars. One Kooday dollar equals one U.S. dollar. You need to invest a minimum of five dollars. Kooday uses AlertPay to simplify the process of buying and selling Kooday dollars. You can sign up for an account at AlertPay free  Once deposited you can purchase keywords. The starting price of a keyword is ten cents. So if no one has ever purchased the keyword you can buy it for a dime. When someone buys it from you, they will pay 15% more than what you did, so you earn a profit.

I put $15.00 into Kooday and went through lists of words I thought could turn a profit. To my surprise many of these words were already selling for a chunk of change. “Make Money Online” for example was over $1,000! But as I continued typing in words I came up with quite a few that I could purchase inexpensively.

Here are some of the words I currently have for sale.
amazonian profit plan $0.10
article marketing robot $0.17
bob haircuts $0.10
build my rank $0.10
eat pray love movie $0.10
keyword academy $1.40
magic article rewriter $0.10
magic article submitter $0.10
movies in theaters now playing $0.10
movies nyc $0.10
new movies coming soon $0.10

A word of caution, as I purchased words I went very quickly and ended up with a typo “free steaming movies”. Vince Huff another Kooday member was a sweetie to buy it from me.   So watch your spelling! After purchasing words I promoted them by joining the Facebook group “Kooday Profits”. I was happy to see a few quick sales.

If you buy low and sell high you can quickly build up a bank of words and profits. Another way to make money with Kooday is through links.  Someone may want to have their website link to a word you own. If they purchase a link to a keyword you own you share in the profits.

As you become more involved with Kooday you can reach different levels and higher payouts.

Here are some tips on how to make money with Kooday;

1.  Purchase inexpensive keywords that are popular. You can use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you determine which words to pick. Or you can use a paid program like Micro Niche Finder.

2.  Advertise your keywords on Kooday forums and social sites such as the Facebook site;  Kooday Profits.

3. Refer friends to Kooday. You get commissions each time they buy keywords or link a Website. The payout is 10% on Kooday keyword purchases and 30% on website links.

4. Network with other Kooday members to gain tips and ideas to increase your profits.

5. Limit your initial investment in Kooday. Keep your initial investment in Kooday small. There are people who claim to have parlayed $5.00 into hundreds even thousands of dollars BUT Kooday is a very new site. The search engine has not launched yet. It does not have a track record.  Play it safe and keep your investment small.

At this point Kooday does not have anything to really back it up. It relies on members buying and selling keywords. The search engine hasn’t launched yet either. So I really don’t see a lot of substance behind Kooday at this time. If you decide to try it out, I would treat it as a side venture not as a sustainable business.

I personally am viewing it as a little diversion from my daily online money making activities. So I am treating it more like entertainment than a money making opportunity. Yes some people say they have made thousands but Kooday is in it’s infancy and does not have a track record.

Want to give it a try?  Sign up for Kooday.

ToneADay – Build Your Fortune 2cents at a Time

Recently I read about an interesting little site that offers easy online money – Now it is not a lot of money. It only pays 2cents per tiny task. But it is super easy and some users are making a few hundred a week.

Some years ago salesman Matt Eldridge, realized that though he was great on the phone communicating to customers, his emails turned customers off. The emails came off as pushy and aggressive. So he developed a system called ToneCheck. ToneCheck is the equivalent of spell check. But instead of checking words it checks emotions. It works with Microsoft Outlook to scan emails for potential problems. is the tester site for ToneCheck.

How You Can Make Easy Online Money at ToneADay

At ToneADay thousands of word phrases are grouped in batches. You are presented with a word. You then adjust sliders to share your emotion on how that word makes you feel. Naturally, words stir a different reaction in different people so there is no right or wrong answer. However, if ToneADay does not feel you rated accurately, you will be disqualified and not get paid. What criteria they use is unclear, but I am willing to guess that the faster you go the more likely you are to be disqualified.

Working for ToneADay

Sign up to evaluate words at the website, Then dig in and start working. You have to complete 100 ratings as a test to pass the qualifying level. Once you do you will be paid $2.00.

Future pay outs are made depending on your qualifying level at After the $2.00 test payout, the next payout is at $30.00. Then $20.00. You can cash out at progressively lower amounts with higher qualifications. You will have to rate about 1500 words phrases or words for the $30.00 payout. There are 4 levels after you have become a qualified worker.
List of Payouts from the ToneADay website:

“At the Emotional Willingness Level, you can cash out after earning $30.
At the Emotional Purpose Level, you can cash out after earning $20.
At the Emotional Competence Level, you can cash out after earning $10.
At the Emotional Wisdom Level, you can cash out after earning $4, and continue rating without holding your withdrawal.”

Payout at ToneADay
In order to cash out at you must meet the payout amount for your level. In addition you must log into your account and click redeem earnings, they will not be sent automatically. You will also need to select a charity to donate a portion of your profits to. Donating to charity is a requirement. Once you have initiated the process, ToneADay will check your work and pay you. This may take one to two weeks.

Tip – Don’t wait to cash out. Once you hit your level for payment, cash out. Though most people are paid, if you go to fast or are found not to be “accurate” according to their metrics, you will lose any payment due.

Yes you can make easy online money at ToneADay, but at 2cents per word evaluation, it is not fast money.

Make Money as a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping.  It sounds exciting, almost James Bondish. You go to a store, secretly check everything out, send in a report and get paid.  Or you go to a restaurant, and enjoy free food. And all you had to do is share if you like it or not.

The truth is, there is a lot more involved in Mystery Shopping than a simple…mmmhmmm it was good or yes the store was clean.  Yes there are free meals, clothes and other goodies for Mystery Shoppers but it involves  paying close attention and reporting objectively on alot of nitty, gritty details.  If you complete  a Mystery Shop meal at a fast food restaurant you may be asked to;  time your server, report on the temperature of the food, the speed at which you got your check and the cleanliness of the establishment among other things.

There are a wide variety of mystery shopping companies and they specialize in different types of shops from restaurants to retail stores. Although there are some very upscale shops available, they are few and far between and involve tremendous work. A typical  Mystery shop would involve buying and returning something from a retail store and noting  store and transaction details.  Another typical Mystery shop might  involve evaluating a fast food chain. Was your food hot? How long did it take for service?  What was your servers name? Did the server ask you if you wanted the super size?  Were the floors clean? etc.

Pay for Mystery Shopping varies. Though some companies do pay a fee to the shopper. Others consider the food you ate or merchandise you received your payment. Keep in mind if you go over budget you are responsible for the difference in price. And if you dine out, or purchase something you usually have to pay up front and submit receipts to be reimbursed.

If you have a great attention to detail, good memory and enjoy trying products and services then you may want to give Mystery Shopping  a shot. One site to try

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Want to get started Mystery shopping fast? Plug your name and zip into to look for local Mystery shopping jobs.