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Best Password Manager

Have you ever felt overloaded with passwords? I have passwords for writing sites, email accounts, affiliate marketing companies I work with, shopping sites, rebate sites and so many more. It was time consuming to deal with logging in and remembering all of these till I downloaded the best password manager, Roboform.

Roboform is a password management system. It encrypts your passwords to keep them safe from keyloggers and hackers. It will generate passwords for you. And the best password manager automatically logs you in and out of your accounts.

Here is how it works; Once downloaded Roboform is available in your tool bar. You select a master password when you set up Roboform. Each time you log on to the computer, you type in the master password. The best password manager, will remember the master password for the amount of time you decide on. When you visit a site, you select it from the Roboform drop down menu. Roboform automatically enters your user name and password and logs you in.

This saves a tremendous amount of time. You can quickly check multiple email accounts, log into social sites, visit your bank, utilities and other companies you do business with, enter contest and survey sites, visit forums etc. automatically when you select it from the drop down Roboform menu.

The best password manager offers a free trial where you can store up to 10 passwords and try it out. Click here to get a free trial of Roboform.

I also recommend keeping a backup of all your passwords just for security purposes.

You will find that Roboform saves you hours of time. It is safe. It is secure and it truly is the best password manager.

Free Website Traffic For You!

If you are working online then you probably want to drive traffic to whatever you are doing.
We all know that traffic is essential to get more Adsense clicks, Affiliate sales,visits to your articles, visits to your products etc.

One method is to use social bookmarking. Social bookmarking gives you backlinks and it also helps drive traffic. However, tons of social bookmarks to your sites from yourself is frowned on by the bookmarking sites and could even result in deletion of your account.

The solution is social bookmarking on steroids. Getting your bookmarks bookmarked by others. And you can do this absolutely free. Sign up for a free account at the Social Bookmarking site Register for the bookmarking sites.

Put in the information for the sites you want bookmarked and voila…others will bookmark your sites driving quick free traffic for you. How is this different than sites like Onlywire? With this site other people will be bookmarking your site. This looks very natural to the search engines and to the bookmarking sites. Plus it is much easier to use than Onlywire.

What is the catch? Well you have to bookmark other people’s sites to earn credits so they bookmark yours. BUT it is done by simply clicking a button. Once you click it auto bookmarks the site using the tags and URL they have put in. So it is very efficient.

This is very simple, very fast and will save you hours of time. New sites are being added all the time. Currently the site uses Mister Wong, Delicious, Faves, Spotback, Multiply, Gravee and many others.

Click here to sign up for your Free Social Bookmarking Account and get more traffic and higher rankings!

7 Tips to Get Organized to Earn at Home

One of the keys to maximizing your profits and earn money at home is to get organized. If you are spending time searching for passwords, looking for emails, hunting for online resources you wanted to remember you are wasting time and losing potential profit.

Here are 7 tips to help you get organized to maximize your earn at home profits.

1. Keep a address book to record your site log in information (passowords, user name) in. Though a regular notebook is fine and address book is easier to search if you frequent alot of sites.

2. Use two or three email address only, or you will waste time checking a variety of emails. Use one for your personal email, one for business and keep one for sites you join such as survey sites that may result in potential junk mail.

3. Keep a large notebook and pencil near your work area to record information. Don’t depend on little scraps of paper.

4. Save copies of your important work and back up your files.

5. Keep extras of supplies like printer ink, paper, and other goods that run out quickly.

6. Keep a calender near your desk to refer to.

7. Keep a hard copy of important phone numbers in a roledex in case your computer falters.

Add YOUR tips to the list in the comments section.

~ Lee (

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