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Work At Home – Google Adsense

One of the simplest ways to make money online is with the Google Adsense program. With Adsense, publishers of content can add ads, text, images and search to their websites and earn money when those ads are clicked. You get paid for displaying ads on your website. You can also participate in the Adsense program by joining sites such as Infobarrel, Xomba and Hubpages or starting a free blog on a site such as Blogger. These sites support the Google Adsense program and have directions on how you can start making money with Google Adsense.

So how much can you make in Adsense? Well one of the top money makers is the founder of PlentyOfFish, the online dating site. It is said he makes about $10,000 a day in Adsense. That of course is a lot and most bloggers will never come close to that. But expectations of a few thousand a month are very reasonable with hard work and dedication. A few friends of mine make $4,000 a month.

There are many advantages of the Google Adsense program. It is free to join and easy to make money with once you get the hang of it. Advertisers pay a set rate to Google to place their ads. Google pays a percentage of this to publishers. Because different keywords are worth different amounts you will need to learn what keywords to try and go after in order to successfully make money. And of course if a keyword is very popular, you may have trouble making money because there is so much competition.

I highly recommend you take a course that teaches you how to make money with Google Adsense. You will learn how to select keywords that pay, how to develop your blog, what colors look best and will attract more clicks, the best placement for Google ads etc. This will save you a lot of time.

There are several excellent Adsense courses on the market. One of them I really love is the Adsense $100K Blueprint course. Not to long ago I came across a simple website that sold for thousands on Flippa (a place to sell websites). A short while later, I saw another site that used the same theme selling for thousands. Later I came across the Adsense $100K Blueprint and realized the product creator had made and sold both of those profitable sites.

I based a couple of my Google Adsense sites on the exact same theme that is included with his product and they have a very high click thru rate and high earnings. I highly recommend the program which walks you step by step into creating profitable Google Adsense sites. The Adsense $100K Blueprint includes an ebook, screenshots, bonuses and more. One of the bonuses is the Ultimate IM Toolchest which includes tons of resources for making money online. The course is a one time fee and will save you hours and help you make thousands. This is a great course for both advanced and newbies alike on Google Adsense.

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