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Earn today as an Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can earn today as an Amazon Mechanical Turk.  At Amazon Turks, workers work on HITS  (Human Intelligences Tasks).  Every day Amazon Turks lists thousands of HITS.  These HITS vary greatly.  They range from writing comments on a blog,  evaluating a website, answering questions, reviewing music, and more. Payment ranges from a penny on up.

Sample jobs and pay:

~ $7.50 to write a review of 10 streets in CA.

~ $1.80 to write a 2 sentence comment on a blog.

~ $.85 to post 3 recipes

~$.01 to click yes or no when asked if a shown webpage relates to the topic given.

You can read through a list of HITS available to you and decide to accept or not. Once you complete the HIT, the requester will check your work and either approve it for payment or not approve it. This may take several minutes or it may take days.

Realistically it would be very difficult to make alot of money as an Amazon Mechanical Turk. If for example you work on a HIT that asks you to write several reviews and it takes you an hour and the pay is $4.00. Then you are working for $4.00 an hour. Or if you work at a HIT that pays one cent and it takes you 10 seconds. Then you will earn six cents every minute or $3.60 an hour.  You can make more, but it will take time and experience to find the jobs that you can do quickly that pay well.

There are some people that have learned which Amazon Turk jobs can be completed the fastest and make a nice sideline income as an Amazon Turk. You can learn from them and pick up more tips at the forum. Click here for the Amazon Turks Forum.

Ready to earn today as an Amazon Mechanical Turk? Sign up for a free  Amazon Turks account.

How to Make Money with Fiverr


Do you have a special talent or skill. Can you write a poem, keep a secret, add someone on Facebook, share your favorite recipe or tweet a note to all your friends? If you can do any of these things you can make money with Fiverr.

Fiverr is a neat little site that allows you to list your services for others to buy. You earn a flat rate of $5 for each service you sell less Fiverr’s transaction fees.

Recently, Fiverr members were offering to review a website, send a postcard from China, make comments on your blog and much more.

It is easy to make money with Fiverr. Sign up for an account. Be sure to give yourself a name that is appropriate to the type of skills you will be selling.  Then simply add different “gigs” that you are willing to do for 5 bucks.

Though five dollars may not sound like much,  you will make money with fiverr by being consistent. One fiverr gig a day works out to an extra $150 in your pocket every month. Two a day gives you $300. Less transaction fees of course.

Let’s say you offer to send tips on saving money on taxes. If you write up a short report and email it out every time someone pays $5 for the information, it will take you just a few minutes each time and your fiverr gig could pay out very nicely over the long term.

You can also do skills that will require more time such as evaluating someone’s music, designing things etc. The choice is yours.

Fiverr pays out when you have $40 in earnings. Learn exactly what you need to do to set up gigs, promote them and make money with Fiverr……

Got a service or product you feel is worth more than $5. Fiverr is not the only game in town. The popularity of the site has resulted in many more sites like Fiverr where you can sell your goods and services. And many of these allow different prices.

Gigswood allows $4, $9 and $19 gigs and they claim same day pay. Fittytown gigs are priced at $50. Gighour says it takes no fees (except for Paypals cut and allows $3, $5, $7 and $10 gigs.
Here are some sites like Fiverr to consider;

Want to learn more about how to make money with Fiverr?

Price Disclaimer
Prices are accurate as of less than 12 hours ago. Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

Write for Money Online

Writing is a very popular way to earn at home.  And there are tons of sites to write for InfoBarrel, Demand Studios, Bubblews, Associated Content, Hubpages etc., Each sites has its own personality. Because of the popularity of writing for income at home and the huge amount of information, Read my eBook to discover how you can write for money online.

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In my previous post on Mylot I shared how the pay was low but if you enjoy socializing you might enjoy Mylot. (Read my post on Mylot ) I recently stopped by the site to accept some friend requests and thought I would update you on my earnings.

As I indicated in my earlier post the pay at Mylot is pennies but just how few pennies is surprising.

At this point I have 19 referrals at Mylot, 16 posts and I have been a member for two years. To be fair most of the referrals have not been active and I myself am rarely on there, only for a backlink (more on that in a minute).

At this point I have earned a whopping …drum roll……$2.32 at Mylot. No that is not for the month, that is for all time!

One of the reasons I have used Mylot is to share about my sites and to get backlinks. However, this has been difficult. Mylot quickly deletes anything it deems commercial and in order to get a link you must type in the link. You cannot cut and paste on Mylot unless you have a certain number of posts.

Overall, Mylot is one of the few places besides Yuwie that pays you to socialize but it should be seen for what it is. For earning online income Mylot qualifies as a time waster.  View it as a place to socialize and not an income earner.

My Top Earning 500 Word Article $1000.74

Writing for content sites can be a great way to make money online. Though some pay by the article, others pay by Adsense clicks. My top earning article on eHow has generated $1000.74 in rev share income as of 3/06/2011 for me. It took me under an hour to write the article. I routinely make several hundred dollars a month from articles I wrote months ago.

I have to thank Writer Gig who makes well over a thousand every month from her bank of articles at eHow. I bought Writer Gig’s ebook when I started writing for eHow and her step by step instruction taught me exactly what I need to do to make money at eHow. Writing How To’s is fun and easy, but you have to know how to select the right topics, keyword for the search engines etc. This is what her book teaches you how to do. Plus it gives a lot of little tips to increase your earnings – Works for me!

If you would like to start writing and earning at pay per click content sites like eHow, Xomba and Infobarrel, I highly recommend you get Writer Gig’s ebook;  Earn Residual Income from Writing Online

Read more about my top article at ehow here.

Writing is such a great way to make money online I have a separate website for earning online income writing. Learn about places to Write For Money Online.

Build Your Website

Build Your Website – Niche Blogging

A website is a great way to share your knowledge and make extra income. You can blog about a topic and make extra income with affiliate marketing and companies that pay you per click such as Google Adsense. Though you can get free hosting at sites such as freewebs and by using free blogging sites, you are better off building your own site which you have control over.

Here is how to get started:

1. Decide what you want to write about. What is your passion? Do a little research on the net and see if others are also interested in the topic. You want to pick a profitable topic. Keep the topic broad enough so you have plenty to write about, but not so broad that it lacks a focus.

In addition to your niche topic you can write a general blog or you may want to write a specific type of blog. For example if you are writing about blog, you could write a general blog or you can narrow your focus to writing reviews on the different cameras on the market. Here are some eBooks to give you ideas:

Start a Review Blog for Fun and Profit

Start a Craft Blog for Fun and Profit

Start a Recipe Blog for Fun and Profit

2.  Once you have decided on your niche,  it is time to pick a domain name for your website. Here are some tips when selecting a domain name.
~ Make it short.
~ Make it easy to spell and remember.
~ Make it about what you are writing about.
~ Make it a .com if possible.
One of the hardest parts about picking a name is so many are already taken! Find out by going to GoDaddy or another site and checking if the name you want is available.  If the name you selected is already in use, GoDaddy will make other suggestions. GoDaddy offers excellent pricing on Domain Names and Hosting. I have close to 30 names registered with GoDaddy. I have called them several times and their customer service is excellent.

NOTE: I switched to NAMECHEAP .    GoDaddy renewals were much more expensive.

3. Sign up for hosting with BlueHost or Hostgator. You can host websites with BlueHost and Hostgator for one low price and they offer auto-installation of WordPress also. Whatever, hosting company you use, make sure they have automatic installation of WordPress. Both of these companies offer great service. I have found Hostgator to offer excellent one on one walk throughs to newbies. And I use them myself. Use code MyLilGoldDressHGdiscount and click thru my link to get a discount. Contact me and I will put a WP blog on your new site.

4. In the manage domains section at GoDaddy or Namecheap, point your webhost servers to the BlueHost or Hostgator servers. This is simple to do, but if you have trouble contact either GoDaddy, Namecheap, BlueHost, or Hostgator to walk you through the steps. If you purchase through my link, contact me and I will do it for you.

5. At your hosting site install WordPress through your Cpanel.  Ask your provider to walk you through this step. It will be slightly different at Hostgator than at BlueHost.

7. WordPress offers two default themes. You can also go to the WordPress site and select a different theme. There are many very nice free WordPress themes on the market. However, it is very easy to get a virus while searching for them. And many themes include spyware. If you opt to change your theme, you are best using a new theme from a reputable site.

TIP: One way to find a great WP theme is to type in the style or color of WP theme you want at Google and then look through Google images. You will instantly see many WP themes and it is easier than scrolling though dozens of images.

There are some beautiful Premium WordPress themes on the market also. I highly recommend Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme. I have this for another site I am working on. Brian gives excellent support and his themes are beautiful.

Revolution WordPress Themes!

Here are two more sites offering WordPress Themes to check out.

Omni WordPress Themes

Easy Trend WordPress Themes

Once your website is up, you are ready to start wth writing and adding affiliate ads to your site.

Squidoo for Profit (UPDATE to the UPDATE)

When I read that Jennifer Ledbetter aka PotPieGirl made over $154,000 last year with online marketing including using Squidoo for profit, I decided to check it out!

Squidoo is a free site where you create lenses. Each lens focuses on a topic of interest to you. You can create a lens on just about anything.

As you create your lenses with the easy modules Squidoo provides, you can select ways to use Squidoo for profit by adding Amazon, eBay, Cafe Press and other modules that Squidoo has available. You can also add your own affiliate links. Squidoo shares the profits from your lenses with you. You get 50%, Squidoo takes 45% and gives 5% to charity. If you are using your own affiliate links you keep all the earnings you make. Squidoo also has it set up so you can donate your earnings to charity if desired.

The key to making money with Squidoo is to provide quality content and drive traffic to your “lenses”. You can’t make a sale without traffic.

The first step to Squidoo for profit is to get a Squidoo account. Sign up here. Next be sure to change the global settings in your dashboard. You can elect to keep all the money or donate some or all of it to charity.

Then follow the easy steps Squidoo gives to create a lens. You can add photos, widgets, and more with the modules. Create lenses each week and you can grow your income.

I highly recommend Pot Pie Girl’s ebook, “One Week Marketing”. In the ebook, Jennifer gives step by step tools and directions on how to choose a niche and keywords to use Squidoo for profit. You learn to create a lens that can earn. She also describes how to drive traffic to your Squidoo lenses. Jennifer offers a free 18 month report to help you get started at Squidoo. Get Jennifer’s free report here.

Keep in mind that Jennifer has tons of lenses at least 50+ and she earns income with other online businesses. Think of Squidoo for profit as a way to make some pocket change and potentially more if you work hard at it. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website.

I just made my first lens. Check it out here and let me know what you think;

Sign up for Squidoo and get Jennifer’s free report here.

UPDATE 4/9/2012

I have made quite a few lenses since I wrote this article and have developed a simple method that can help lenses rank and earn quickly. I have included a report in my Article Traffic Jackpot product which you can see here; Article Traffic Jackpot.