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Recently my daughter was telling me of a bakery near her that sold only cupcakes. She said the line was out the door and around the corner of people waiting to get theirs!  Of course you know I am always thinking of different ways for work at home money so I had to wonder, was there such a thing as cupcake profits?  I mean was there really a way of turning cupcakes into cash?

The thought of turning cupcakes into cash, took me back to high school where I was president of the drama club and in charge of fund raising. We decided to have a bake sale after school a few times a week. Well one day almost everyone forgot to bake. There was just a dozen or so cupcakes and a few tiny brownies. So I got this idea to just charge a lot for the cupcakes. I am embarrassed to tell you what we charged ( it was for a good cause). but every cupcake sold and for mega bucks.

So those cupcake profits came to mind when my daughter was talking about the big line snaking around the cupcake bakery. And I started investigating.  Let me ask you. How many searches do you think the word “cupcakes” gets every day? Well you may be stunned by the answer (see answer at bottom of post).   I was stunned.  And so that is how I realized how much people are into cupcakes! Cupcakes are the new wedding cake. They are perfect for children’s parties, holidays, reunions, deserts. There are lots of times to enjoy cupcakes.

To give you some idea of how much people love cupcakes, one company turned it into a mega business; the BIG TOP CUPCAKE. They sell kits to make HUGE cupcakes.

So how do you make big bucks selling cupcakes? Well aside from my bake sale table at school, I do not have hands on experience selling cupcakes but Lorraine Middleton does and she turned it into a book that includes everything you need to know for cupcake profits.

You can get a copy of Lorraine’s ebook here….Turning Cupcakes Into Cash

I do know that if I was doing it, I would make enormous cupcakes like the ones in the video. I think this would be an awesome way to have fun with the kids and make cupcake profits!

If you are interested in making huge cupcakes, click here to get the BIG TOP CUPCAKE kit.

Big Top Cupcake

How many searches for cupcakes daily – 1,500,000

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