Earn today as an Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can earn today as an Amazon Mechanical Turk.  At Amazon Turks, workers work on HITS  (Human Intelligences Tasks).  Every day Amazon Turks lists thousands of HITS.  These HITS vary greatly.  They range from writing comments on a blog,  evaluating a website, answering questions, reviewing music, and more. Payment ranges from a penny on up.

Sample jobs and pay:

~ $7.50 to write a review of 10 streets in CA.

~ $1.80 to write a 2 sentence comment on a blog.

~ $.85 to post 3 recipes

~$.01 to click yes or no when asked if a shown webpage relates to the topic given.

You can read through a list of HITS available to you and decide to accept or not. Once you complete the HIT, the requester will check your work and either approve it for payment or not approve it. This may take several minutes or it may take days.

Realistically it would be very difficult to make alot of money as an Amazon Mechanical Turk. If for example you work on a HIT that asks you to write several reviews and it takes you an hour and the pay is $4.00. Then you are working for $4.00 an hour. Or if you work at a HIT that pays one cent and it takes you 10 seconds. Then you will earn six cents every minute or $3.60 an hour.  You can make more, but it will take time and experience to find the jobs that you can do quickly that pay well.

There are some people that have learned which Amazon Turk jobs can be completed the fastest and make a nice sideline income as an Amazon Turk. You can learn from them and pick up more tips at the forum. Click here for the Amazon Turks Forum.

Ready to earn today as an Amazon Mechanical Turk? Sign up for a free  Amazon Turks account.

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