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UPDATE: Kooday still has not launched the search engine the site is based on. I tried Kooday out but decided not to continue working with it. I just do not see a solid, long lasting income opportunity at Kooday.

Honestly, I am not sure what to think about Kooday, but since a lot of people are claiming they are making fast and easy money with it, I decided I better check it out for, the work at home money site.

Kooday is launching a search engine but a very different kind of search engine.  With Kooday you can buy your own keywords. People can buy them from you or they can pay to link to the word and advertise their site.  Many Kooday members are making bank buying and selling keywords to other members.

To start with Kooday, you need to purchase Kooday dolars. One Kooday dollar equals one U.S. dollar. You need to invest a minimum of five dollars. Kooday uses AlertPay to simplify the process of buying and selling Kooday dollars. You can sign up for an account at AlertPay free  Once deposited you can purchase keywords. The starting price of a keyword is ten cents. So if no one has ever purchased the keyword you can buy it for a dime. When someone buys it from you, they will pay 15% more than what you did, so you earn a profit.

I put $15.00 into Kooday and went through lists of words I thought could turn a profit. To my surprise many of these words were already selling for a chunk of change. “Make Money Online” for example was over $1,000! But as I continued typing in words I came up with quite a few that I could purchase inexpensively.

Here are some of the words I currently have for sale.
amazonian profit plan $0.10
article marketing robot $0.17
bob haircuts $0.10
build my rank $0.10
eat pray love movie $0.10
keyword academy $1.40
magic article rewriter $0.10
magic article submitter $0.10
movies in theaters now playing $0.10
movies nyc $0.10
new movies coming soon $0.10

A word of caution, as I purchased words I went very quickly and ended up with a typo “free steaming movies”. Vince Huff another Kooday member was a sweetie to buy it from me.   So watch your spelling! After purchasing words I promoted them by joining the Facebook group “Kooday Profits”. I was happy to see a few quick sales.

If you buy low and sell high you can quickly build up a bank of words and profits. Another way to make money with Kooday is through links.  Someone may want to have their website link to a word you own. If they purchase a link to a keyword you own you share in the profits.

As you become more involved with Kooday you can reach different levels and higher payouts.

Here are some tips on how to make money with Kooday;

1.  Purchase inexpensive keywords that are popular. You can use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you determine which words to pick. Or you can use a paid program like Micro Niche Finder.

2.  Advertise your keywords on Kooday forums and social sites such as the Facebook site;  Kooday Profits.

3. Refer friends to Kooday. You get commissions each time they buy keywords or link a Website. The payout is 10% on Kooday keyword purchases and 30% on website links.

4. Network with other Kooday members to gain tips and ideas to increase your profits.

5. Limit your initial investment in Kooday. Keep your initial investment in Kooday small. There are people who claim to have parlayed $5.00 into hundreds even thousands of dollars BUT Kooday is a very new site. The search engine has not launched yet. It does not have a track record.  Play it safe and keep your investment small.

At this point Kooday does not have anything to really back it up. It relies on members buying and selling keywords. The search engine hasn’t launched yet either. So I really don’t see a lot of substance behind Kooday at this time. If you decide to try it out, I would treat it as a side venture not as a sustainable business.

I personally am viewing it as a little diversion from my daily online money making activities. So I am treating it more like entertainment than a money making opportunity. Yes some people say they have made thousands but Kooday is in it’s infancy and does not have a track record.

Want to give it a try?  Sign up for Kooday.

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