About Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a method of generating income by placing ads in your blogs, newsletters, and other marketing material for products and services. Advertisers pay you based on customer sales, leads or clicks.

You register to be an affiliate either with an individual company or an affiliate site. Then you put banners, widgets, text links and other product information on your website, blog, newsletter etc. There are a number of different compensation structures. Payouts will differ according to the advertiser and the type of affiliate program you are workng with. Below are some typical methods of compensation.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – You are paid based on the number of clicks that result from your ad placement.

Pay Per Sale (PPC) – You are paid based on the number of sales that result from your ad placement.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – You are paid based on the number of leads that result from your ad placement.

There are many affiliate sites. After you have completed an application, you will have to be approved. Some sites approve automatically. Others will look at your website and make a decision. Once you have been approved you may find that the affiliate site carries hundreds of products and you may have to submit an individual application to carry certain product lines.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on the internet. With affiliate marketing you are paid by an advertiser when a customer performs a certain action such as clicking an ad, purchasing a product or filling out a form.

There are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing and there are many different affiliate companies. Because this is such a great way to make part or full time income, My Lil Gold Dress has a special section devoted to affiliate marketing.

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Make Money with US Free Ads


US Free Ads is a site where you can buy and sell merchandise, but it is also a great way for a work at home mom to earn extra income and possibly a lot of income.

US Free Ads offers 3 types. Free, Gold and Platinum. You will need to have a gold account at the very least which is $10 per year. A platinum account is $10 a month but allows you to use links easier, include more photos and place unlimited ads which is they way to make money with US Free Ads.

Sign up for an account with Use US FREE ADS

Go to clickbank or another affiliate company and sign up for a free account. Pick a product to sell that is selling well and create a link to the product.

Next come up with key phrases that describe the product. Go to google and put the key phrase in the search box in quotes. This shows you how many others are competing for this same key phrase. Only pick a key phrase that has under 5,000 in competition for US Free Ads. Higher searched terms are unlikely to get indexed at Google with US Free Ads and you will not make money with US Free Ads.

Place your ads on the US Free Ads site. Include your key phrase in the title and throughout the body of the ad. Include your link at the bottom. Be consistent and place ads often.

Keep in mind that you do not make money with US Free Ads from people finding the ad itself. You make money if Google indexes your US Free Ads ad high in the ranks. People will see the key phrase, click on your US Free Ads ad and then hopefully click the link and purchase the product. So it is important that you use a key phrase with under 5,000 searches.

Use US FREE ADS to buy, sell or advertise anything and make money!


Hostgator Hosting for One Cent!


Use code HostgatorPennySale

There is good and there is fantastic. That is the difference to me with my old hosting company and my new one, Hostgator.

Last year I sold a couple of my websites and needed help to transfer them. I called my hosting company at the time and was giving vague directions. I had heard Hostgator was very good about helping so I called them. They were amazing at giving advice. Over the course of the year, I found myself more on the phone with Hostgator than with my own hosting company.

Hostgator goes the extra mile. Every single time I have called them, they have taken time to provide me with the help and direction I need to go forward with my business. Not just general directions, they have walked me through, step by step, to help me with my sites. When it was time to renew, I switched to Hostgator.

I opened a reseller’s account at Hostgator. Now I am able to easily sell and host sites. I purchased the Aluminum plan. This comes with client management, billing software, site building tools, templates and much more. For 24.95 a month, I get 50GB of space and 500GB bandwidth. What I like is that each site has it’s own individual cpanel so I can easily sell sites, giving the buyer the log in information and letting them take care of the transfer.

For most people, the basic Hostgator plan is more than sufficient. A single domain starts at only $4.95. You can host unlimited domains for $7.95. I recommend you get the Baby Plan so you can add unlimited websites. It is only a couple dollars more a month. Installation of WordPress, forums and other programs are done with a click of a button. They will also transfer your domain at no charge during the first 30 days. They will transfer up to 30 domains for a reseller’s account.

If you need Hosting and want top notch quality and service at an affordable price, Hostgator is excellent!

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Get a Work at Home Job as a Virtual Assistant

As more and more companies outsource, there are more opportunities in a wide range of fields for Virtual Assistants (VA). Virtual Assistants may make phone calls, answer emails, make travel arrangements, prepare reports, enter data…..any number of tasks. As a work at home VA, you complete the tasks from your the comfort of your home and can often pick your own hours instead of working the traditional 9-5.

If you like the idea of working from home as a Virtual Assistant begin by making a list of skills you have. Are you skilled in real estate or data entry? Do you have marketing or paralegal skills? Decide what area you are qualified for.

Pay scales for Virtual Assistants range, with averages being around $30.oo an hour for skilled assistants. When you price your services, keep in mind, that you will rarely be offered benefits, insurance, sick pay or other perks.

Set up a home office with the equipment you will need. This may included a secure landline, copy and fax machines, computer etc.
If you are going to be working on the phone, you will want to make sure you have a quiet environment.

The next step is to market yourself so you can get a work at home job as a Virtual Assistant. You can call local companies and offer your services, look on Craigslist and/or use forums such as the Wahm.com, Virtual Assistant Forums.com and VirtualAssistantNetworking.com sites for support and to help you find a work at home job as a Virtual Assistant.

Beause many Virtual Assistant postions are temporary, many Virtual Assistants develop their own website. Potential clients can visit the website to see work samples and references.  Check out my posts on how to build a website.

Once you have a job as a Virtual Assistant, ask for references and use these to get future jobs.

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Earn Money with Shopping Sites

If you are not using a shopping site when you shop online, you are leaving money on the table. Not only can you save money on purchases with shopping sites but you can also earn money with shopping sites. There are a number of free shopping sites  that will pay you to join. They will pay you to refer your friends and they will pay your friends when they sign up! Plus they give you and your friends a discount at hundreds of stores when you shop. Some sites will give pay you a percentage of your friends rebate purchase price at no cost to them.

Check out my !01 Ways to Make Money Online eBook for tons of ideas!

Amazon Image

I recommend focusing on just a few. This way you can easily find the bargains for the week and build your cash back.

Here are my two favorites:


eBates pays $5.00 when you sign up and pays $5.00 cash or $10.00 gift card to the friends you refer.

ibotta I was surprised at how fast the money adds up for grocery items. Plus they offer regular bonuses. So you may get .25 cents for uploading a receipt or buying bananas, $1.00 for crackers etc. The first week I bought some grocery items along with wine plus I got the bonus offer and I was paid $18. Most weeks maybe just a few dollars but it adds up.

Each site has text links to send to your friends in emails so you can earn money with shopping sites. Some have banners and other widgets you can add to your blog or website. Referring friends is an easy way to earn money with shopping sites. And the bonus is you also get a discount at hundreds of stores like Victoria’s Secret, Best Buy, Target, eBay, Shoes.com etc. at at grocery stores depending on the shopping site.

How to Get a Free Website and Free Website Design

Developing a niche website is a great way to make income online via products you create and/or affiliate marketing.

I want to make it very clear that if you are at all serious about developling a website online you should get a website that you control. This means you should pay for hosting and a domain name.

I recommend Namecheap for domain names and Hostgator for hosting. But there are other good ones out there also.  A domain name runs about $12 a year and a hosting plan $10 or so per month for unlimited websites.  (Tip: Do not get your hosting at the same place as you buy your domain names.)

Using free platforms puts you at risk. Your site can be removed at any time. You are driving traffic to a site you don’t own. That said, some of you may want to play with a free website and free website design before you go the paid route.

So here is a step by step plan for you to get a free website and free website design.

Step 1

Go to www.webs.com. On the main page fill in the domain site name you want and a password. Webs.com offers an easy way to get a free website and free web design.

Step 2 

Click create a website.  A new screen will open up asking for more information; your email address, date of birth, country and gender. Your user name will be the same as your site address and will be prepopulated with the domain site name you chose in Step 1.

Step 3

Scroll down the screen and select a template. If you prefer to use advanced HTML you can upload your own. If you use webs.com, you have 300 templates to choose from. Templates range from a patriotic theme to floral backgrounds to modern designs. You can change your template at anytime. Most templates come in several color choices.

Step 4

Check “I agree to the terms of service” and click create my sites. A screen will pop up offering you different levels of service. Choose Basic (Free).

Step 5

Next a screen will pop up that asks if you want help building your site. Click Yes. Webs.com will then recommend pages for your site. It will walk you through the steps to develop each page. Pages make include a blog, photo gallery, shop etc.

Step 6

Spend time experimenting with the different easy to use site builder options that webs.com offers. You can delete pages, add pages, include links, add photos and video etc. There are lots of options for your free website and free website design.

Step 7

The webs.com is supported by ads so your website will have ads on it. You can however, upgrade (at a cost) to a no ad website. However, if you plan to do that you should switch to a hosting company where you can host unlimited blogs for the same price.

You can also register your domain name if it is available through webs.com but I would recommend registering it through a less expensive registrar such as Namecheap.

Enjoy playing with a free account but if you find you are enjoying the site and plan to develop it fully, you will want to migrate to a paid platform that you control. You can then use your free website as a backlink to help drive traffic to your paid site.

I would highly suggest considering a paid website which will run you about $10 or so a month. I recommend Hostgator. Use coupon code HostgatorPennySale and get your first month for one cent.
Click Here for Hostgator.