Squidoo for Profit (UPDATE to the UPDATE)

When I read that Jennifer Ledbetter aka PotPieGirl made over $154,000 last year with online marketing including using Squidoo for profit, I decided to check it out!

Squidoo is a free site where you create lenses. Each lens focuses on a topic of interest to you. You can create a lens on just about anything.

As you create your lenses with the easy modules Squidoo provides, you can select ways to use Squidoo for profit by adding Amazon, eBay, Cafe Press and other modules that Squidoo has available. You can also add your own affiliate links. Squidoo shares the profits from your lenses with you. You get 50%, Squidoo takes 45% and gives 5% to charity. If you are using your own affiliate links you keep all the earnings you make. Squidoo also has it set up so you can donate your earnings to charity if desired.

The key to making money with Squidoo is to provide quality content and drive traffic to your “lenses”. You can’t make a sale without traffic.

The first step to Squidoo for profit is to get a Squidoo account. Sign up here. Next be sure to change the global settings in your dashboard. You can elect to keep all the money or donate some or all of it to charity.

Then follow the easy steps Squidoo gives to create a lens. You can add photos, widgets, and more with the modules. Create lenses each week and you can grow your income.

I highly recommend Pot Pie Girl’s ebook, “One Week Marketing”. In the ebook, Jennifer gives step by step tools and directions on how to choose a niche and keywords to use Squidoo for profit. You learn to create a lens that can earn. She also describes how to drive traffic to your Squidoo lenses. Jennifer offers a free 18 month report to help you get started at Squidoo. Get Jennifer’s free report here.

Keep in mind that Jennifer has tons of lenses at least 50+ and she earns income with other online businesses. Think of Squidoo for profit as a way to make some pocket change and potentially more if you work hard at it. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website.

I just made my first lens. Check it out here and let me know what you think; Squidoo.com/SkinCareForWrinkles.

Sign up for Squidoo and get Jennifer’s free report here.

UPDATE 4/9/2012

I have made quite a few lenses since I wrote this article and have developed a simple method that can help lenses rank and earn quickly. I have included a report in my Article Traffic Jackpot product which you can see here; Article Traffic Jackpot.

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