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Earn Cash at Survey Sites

There are a number of survey sites online that will pay you to share your thoughts and opinions. Many of these offer opportunities to complete offers for cash and prizes. Though most work at home money sites will suggest you sign up for a large number of these sites in order to make the most money, I find it is better to focus on just a few sites. You will stay organized and make payout earlier. Once you are earning well at a few sites, then expand to include more if you want to.

Survey sites can require a lot of time and effort. Yes, one woman has made thousands at CashCrate but she worked it like a job. And even then it is still difficult to make a lot with survey sites. I would recommend viewing them only as sites to make some pocket change at.

The one site I have found amazingly easy is Swagbucks. It has search and win, surveys etc. I go on once or so a week when I think of it and earn some points. Point are easy to get and I have enjoyed some delicious dinners out thanks to gift cards I ordered through Swagbucks.

If you sign up for a lot of sites you may want to use a different email address than your regular one as you may receive a lot of mail. Check that address often (including the spam pile) so you do not miss deadlines for surveys.

All sites are FREE to join.   Here are some well known sites:

Swagbucks MY FAVORITE!



Swagbucks is my favorite of the sites. It has search and win and surveys.

CashCrate offers opportunities to try new products and take surveys. I know of one woman who made thousands of dollars at CashCrate but that was some years ago and she worked it like a job. Just be sure if you sign up for offers to cancel them if you don’t want them.

Surveys are a fun way to make a few dollars online.  But if you fill out offers etc. be careful what you are signing up for.

As I mentioned, my favorite of the sites is SWAGBUCKS.  You can see below  how many points I have now. I have cashed in my points several times so this does not show all the points I have earned. This is an easy to use, easy to earn site.

Get Paid To Read

Get Paid To Read websites are sites that send you messages to read. Each time you read a message you are paid. Are these sites profitable?  Unfortunately, Get Paid to Read sites are very difficult to make money with unless you build a downline by recruiting other people. If you recruit others to get paid to read, you will get a small percent of their earnings and you can build income that way.

Jill Carpenter aka Avenue Girl of Internet Marketing Plan recently wrote about Get Paid to Read sites on a popular marketing forum.  Her insights clarify how Get Paid to Read sites work. With her permission I have shared her post below.

“There are companies on the web where when you have a sales page you want to test conversions on, you can submit your sales page to these “paid to read” companies and they will spit your sales letters out to their list of readers. As someone testing a page, you may get some sales, you definitely get some traffic, and you can collect data to see what is converting.

As a “reader” for one of these companies, you are sent alerts in your mail box when there are new messages/sales letters to be read. So, you click to read them and you are on a timer so you have to stay on the page for a designated period of time before you can move onto the next ad.

Typically, you get maybe 2 cents per letter/email that you read. These companies usually have a payout that requires you to make a 20 dollar mark or so before they will pay you. You may only get 10 messages per day to read – and a lot of times there is a sign up bonus of 10 bucks or something.

So as a reader, lets say you sign up and you get 10 dollars credit but you now need to read enough emails to get to that 20 dollar pay out. At 2 cents per message at a 10 message per day average, you will be making 20 cents a day and it will take you roughly 5 days to make a dollar – so from there you can figure it will take you 50 days to get to your 10 dollars needed to get your payout.

(these numbers are not set in stone, but are probably a fair example)

So, why would anyone do this?

Well, readers can build downlines. For each reader in their downline they get a penny for each ad their immediate downline reads, and there is more to be had as the downline grows below the first tier.

It is possible to build enough people below you so you can make 20 – 30 dollars a day while you just read your 10 ads and are done. But to build this downline you will need to recruit. They don’t just fall into your lap. And you need to help them build their downlines or they won’t stick around long – so again this is some work.

The best way to do this is to offer extra assistance to those who sign up below you in helping them build their downlines. So while you thought you could just get away with a few minutes work it is really a lot of work to make some money.

Why do I mention listbuilding in this process? Well you will be interacting with your downline for the best success and you can start building a list to have a way to communicate with them.

Your downfall is when successful ads suck the reader into buying the products they are suppose to be “reviewing.’

You are essentially a guinea pig for the advertisers to see if they can get you.

The host or company you are working for will try to get you to buy as well by holding contest – and when you do make a purchase from certain sites you can get entered in a lottery of sorts to win bigger cash prizes.

You can expand by doing more than one of the paid to read companies, and get your downlines to sign up under you on the additional companies as well.

In the end of all of this, you can learn – and you can study sales copy of what works and what doesn’t – but these are things you can learn faster elsewhere without spending so much time for very little money.”

As you can see from Jill’s post it is very difficult to make money with Get Paid to Read sites. 

As I researched this Get Paid to Read article I studied one of the most popular Get Paid to Read sites on the net. They made it sound easy and profitable. But when I explored the Get Paid to Read forums I discovered a little piece of information that made if very clear how unprofitable Get Paid to Read sites are. 

 This particular Get Paid to Read site requires that you sign in at least once every sixty days to keep your account active.  In the forums they listed all of the members who had not signed into their accounts and so their account had been deactivated. They do this every month and there were literally hundreds on the list.  That says something right there.

There are much better ways to make money online than with Paid to Read sites. Check out my ebook “PAYDAY – Top Ways to Make $100 or More Online“.  I also recommend using a surfing site like Swagbucks to earn prizes easily and use legitimate survey sites instead of Get Paid to Read sites.

Search & Win

Work At Home – Get Paid To

There are a lot of “Get Paid To” offers out there. Companies that will pay you money to surf the net, read emails, take surveys or do another task. Can you make money from them? Yes you can but it is pizza money. Not a full time income. That said I have a few favorite sites that I will share with you soon.

There are a ton of sites out there so how do you know which to choose? Here are a few tips for get paid to sites…

1. Never pay to get surveys, surf the net or join these types of sites. There are plenty of free sites out there. Never pay for information on these sites. You can learn everything you need to know for free.

2. Some sites will require a credit card to complete an offer. You can complete the offer and then cancel it. But what if you forget? Think long and hard before doing these types of offers.

3. Join just a few sites. Many sites require a certain amount to reach payout. If you focus your efforts on just a few sites you can keep track of things and will make more money in the long run.

4. Get Paid to Read sites are just not worth it. They pay pennies at best and it will take forever to earn pay out.

5. Always check the payout at a site. Some only pay when you hit $100! That could take a long time. And some even give you a deadline in which to earn it.

My Favorite Sites…

Swagbucks My favorite get paid to site is Swagbucks. It is a surf the net site that pays out prizes, gift cards etc. And you earn points for referrals. What I like about it is how fast it is. I go on, do a search and within 2 or 3 searches I have earned points. Below you will see my current Swagbucks points. I have cashed in many times!

Click Here To Join Swagbucks


I do know of a woman that made thousands with CashCrate, but she worked it like a job. CashCrate has surveys and pays out on referrals.

Click Here To Join CashCrate

Shopping Sites –
These sites pay out when you shop and refer friends.
Big Crumbs

To date I have made about $650 at Ebates from cash back shopping (things I was going to buy anyway) and referrals.

Below you will see my Swagbucks point counter. These are just some of my points. I have cashed in many times.

Get paid to sites can be a fun way to make a little extra income!