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The Keyword Academy

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I have made money many different ways but blogging is my favorite. I had ZERO technical ability when I started. I learned step by step how to build a website and monetize it. It is cheap (around $20 for hosting and a domain name) and if you work at it you can make a part or full time living.

I worked hard to build my business when I started and today I make a generous, full time income. I can work my own hours and I just love it!  You can do it to, even with no experience.

However, you will save hours of time and frustration taking a course to learn how to do it. And there is no excuse not to. You can get a free trial of one of the best courses on the market, the Keyword Academy for free for one full month.

Ready to take your income to a new level? The Keyword Academy is a step by step method that teaches you how to build Niche Sites and Super Sites from scratch. Whether you are an experienced blogger or just starting out, the Keyword Academy has tools that make keyword selection and link building a snap.  In addition Keyword Academy offers a number of other features including original articles for your website.

I came across the Keyword Academy (also known as TKA)  while reading a post about calculating how much a keyword is worth in Google Adsense. TKA has a formula you can apply to a keyword that calculates how much you will make if you get that word to the top of Google. I decided to join the Keyword Academy for the $1.00 trial just to get the formula. (It is now free to join for one full month). Once I joined and realized all the perks the Keyword Academy offers, not to mention the hours of time I save, I was hooked. Monthly membership in the Keyword Academy has taken my income to another level. It is now a totally free trial –

Click Here for the Keyword Academy Free 30 Day Trial Offer

The first perk that the Academy offers is step by step instruction.
There are videos, print outs and other material to walk you through the process of building both niche and supersite building at the Keyword Academy.  The owners, Mark Butler and Courtney Tuttle spell out the best techniques to build successful sites.

The Keyword Academy formula for determining “green” keywords is a huge time saver. In the past I had looked at search volume numbers along with cost per click and competition, to decide whether to go for a keyword or not. That method is nothing compared to the precision of the the Keyword Academy formula. Once I worked the Keyword Academy formula on some of my keywords, I discovered that some of the words that I thought would be great to rank for were worth just a few dollars a month!

I was not happy about the time I had wasted trying to rank for those keywords, but happily I discovered the Keyword Academy has a tool that would save me hours of time in the future – the “Niche Refinery” tool.  With the Niche Refinery you input a CSV file from the free Google Adwords Tool. It comes back and tells you how much you can make each month from the keyword phrase and whether or not you can actually compete for that phrase by automatically evaluating the competition in Google. The Niche Refinery spits out the keywords you should choose, the “green” aka money keywords. It is very easy to do and they walk you through the process step by step.

After getting the results from the Keyword Academy’s Niche Refinery, I look at each of the “green” keywords. If I rank high for keyword Y, I can potentially make $435.38 a month. If I rank high for keyword X, I can potentially make $44.95 etc. Then I decide which words to go for.

Rank for a few of those money keywords and you have a sweet monthly income. Rank for a bunch of those keywords and you can quit your day job. And remember, in the results Niche Refinery tells you which words you can compete for. It tells you when the competition in Google is so stiff, it would take years.

So right now I am looking at a batch of keywords back from the Niche Refinery at the Keyword Academy. I see a lot of great keywords to go after. Here is one with 4400 monthly searches, paying a very nice $4.81 per click. Competition is low.and if I rank for it, I can potentially enjoy a sweet $105.82 a month. Just from that one word! And of course if I surround the content where I use that word with cousins to the word (all taught at Keyword Academy ) I stand to make even more!

Of course you have to rank high in order to make money. And in addition to making keyword selection a snap, the Keyword Academy has special link building methods to help you rank for those words.

Some of the best links are built by posting on unique blogs. Blog owners often contact other blog owners and ask for the opportunity to get a link by providing a guest post. This is a great method to build links but it is time consuming. With The Keyword Academy all that extra time is eliminated. The Keyword Academy has its own blog post system. You write a post of at least 300 words, include your two links and put it in the system. It is automatically posted on different blogs. There are hundreds of different blogs in the system. TKA also has an automatic link exchange system. You give a link on one of your sites, you get a link for the URL of your choice. These are easy, efficient ways to build effective links; saving you tons of time and effort.

Another exciting feature to the Keyword Academy is you can add your blog to the Keyword Academy Post Runner system. If you opt to add your blog you will be sent original content on the topic of your choice by other members of the Keyword Academy who are building links. You have the right to accept or reject any of the posts you do not like. This is a great way to get original content and is included in the cost of membership. If you outsourced at a rate of $10 for 500 words and you are sent ten 500 word articles a month to your blog by the Post Runner system that is $100 worth of content right there.

Recently one of the the Keyword Academy owners has been sharing results of an experiment where he added 100 posts in a month to one of his  sites and increased his income by thousands of dollars a month. Reading how he did this is not only inspiring but a great way to learn what to do to be effective with your own blog and increase your bottom line. The Keyword Academy is filled with tested tips and ideas so you can save time and get results.

The Keyword Academy also includes member challenges. These range from building 5 links a day, to adding a certain number of posts to your website  and much more. The latest challenge is to encourage participating members to get to $1,000 in monthly income. Many members are at that level or higher.

The forums are filled with members who share their tips and techniques that have worked for them to increase their income, make things easier and build better sites.

One negative with the Keyword Academy is the recurring monthly fee.
But when I factor that finding “green” keywords and link building are so much easier, saving me hours of time and that one of my sites is given fresh original content it is easily worth many times the cost. Plus the tips and techniques I have learned has taken my income to a new level. TKA is very motivational! So what’s the price of dinner out one night in exchange for a lifetime income. The price is well worth it.

If you want the easiest method of selecting the money keywords, simple link building, and so much more, the Keyword Academy is outstanding.

Give it a try and see what you think. You get a full free month with everything totally free the Keyword Academy.

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* This offer is good on your second month’s fully paid membership (first month is totally free and you will learn what to do) Or whenever your website is ready and you are a paid member.

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Keyword Academy Lowers Price

Join The Keyword Academy FREE for the First Month.

The Keyword Academy has lowered their price to $33 for monthly membership. I have written about the Keyword Academy in several of my posts including this one here; 
Keyword Academy and made a Hub about it which you can read here The Keyword Academy.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing or if you are an experienced marketeer and want to take your business to the next level I highly recommend it. Here are some highlights;

~ The Keyword Academy makes keyword selection simple. You will learn how to find the “green” keywords you can compete for. And the Niche Refinery does the work by telling you which words are green.

~ Easy link building. There are several simple methods on the site so you can do link building.

~ Step by Step instruction to build HubPages, Niche Sites and Super Sites, using print outs and videos.

~ Special $1,000 a month TKA club. Learn how to take your business to $1,000 or more with Keyword Academy.

~ Ready made spreadsheets so you know exactly what to do first, second, third etc. These are amazing and will keep you totally organized.  And they explain exactly how to use them.

and more…..

If you are ready to learn internet marketing or take your IM business to a whole new level

Join the Keyword Academy FREE Trial

Work At Home – Niche Blogging

If you want to make real money online, I highly recommend niche blogging. You can build websites and earn from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing , Product Creation and much more. You can develop a number of small sites or focus on two or three big sites.

If you want to make a good income, it is really important that you understand how to select a good niche to create a website around. You must also learn how to pick profitable keywords, optimize your site for the search engines, drive traffic to your site and much more.

You can learn a lot by visiting different sites and soaking up the information but nothing beats a top notch course. I personally have taken a number of course and they have taken my business to the next level.

If you want a very high quality over view of niche blogging, I highly recommend Lisa Parmlely’s Inline SEO system. Lisa is a natural teacher and her course will walk you through how to develop sites from start to finish. Lisa’s is a self paced SEO course.

You can get free training here; Lisa Parmley Free Training
You can get Lisa’s paid course here; Lisa Parmley SEO Training

If you prefer a course where you have plenty of group support and step by step directions, The Keyword Academy is excellent. You can sign up and get a full free month.

Click Here To Sign Up For The Keyword Academy

With proper training you can learn what you need to do to make money online from a part time income to thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.