ToneADay – Build Your Fortune 2cents at a Time

Recently I read about an interesting little site that offers easy online money – Now it is not a lot of money. It only pays 2cents per tiny task. But it is super easy and some users are making a few hundred a week.

Some years ago salesman Matt Eldridge, realized that though he was great on the phone communicating to customers, his emails turned customers off. The emails came off as pushy and aggressive. So he developed a system called ToneCheck. ToneCheck is the equivalent of spell check. But instead of checking words it checks emotions. It works with Microsoft Outlook to scan emails for potential problems. is the tester site for ToneCheck.

How You Can Make Easy Online Money at ToneADay

At ToneADay thousands of word phrases are grouped in batches. You are presented with a word. You then adjust sliders to share your emotion on how that word makes you feel. Naturally, words stir a different reaction in different people so there is no right or wrong answer. However, if ToneADay does not feel you rated accurately, you will be disqualified and not get paid. What criteria they use is unclear, but I am willing to guess that the faster you go the more likely you are to be disqualified.

Working for ToneADay

Sign up to evaluate words at the website, Then dig in and start working. You have to complete 100 ratings as a test to pass the qualifying level. Once you do you will be paid $2.00.

Future pay outs are made depending on your qualifying level at After the $2.00 test payout, the next payout is at $30.00. Then $20.00. You can cash out at progressively lower amounts with higher qualifications. You will have to rate about 1500 words phrases or words for the $30.00 payout. There are 4 levels after you have become a qualified worker.
List of Payouts from the ToneADay website:

“At the Emotional Willingness Level, you can cash out after earning $30.
At the Emotional Purpose Level, you can cash out after earning $20.
At the Emotional Competence Level, you can cash out after earning $10.
At the Emotional Wisdom Level, you can cash out after earning $4, and continue rating without holding your withdrawal.”

Payout at ToneADay
In order to cash out at you must meet the payout amount for your level. In addition you must log into your account and click redeem earnings, they will not be sent automatically. You will also need to select a charity to donate a portion of your profits to. Donating to charity is a requirement. Once you have initiated the process, ToneADay will check your work and pay you. This may take one to two weeks.

Tip – Don’t wait to cash out. Once you hit your level for payment, cash out. Though most people are paid, if you go to fast or are found not to be “accurate” according to their metrics, you will lose any payment due.

Yes you can make easy online money at ToneADay, but at 2cents per word evaluation, it is not fast money.

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